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AAE KSL Gold Finger Tab (Aluminum w/ Cordovan Face)

SKU# 1790120

The only tab with an adjustable, ergonomically designed palm plate.

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Item # 1790120

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Product Description
• Designed by Coach Kisik Lee
• Every curve, part and edge has been ergonomically designed to conform to the contours of the shooting hand while prompting correct technique and providing a secure fit
• Palm plate is adjustable so you can get just the right feel in your hand and is made of a hard plastic material
• Tab plate is black anodized aluminum
• Grain oriented replaceable cordovan face
• Custom made elastic for more comfort
• Includes an adjustable anodized aluminum finger spacer and ledge

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Excellent product Review by Don

It took a while to get the fit and feel exactly right. Most beginning to intermediate shooters and even experienced ones who complain about an improper fit or discomfort don't realize that, once the leather is properly broken in, you have to trim it to fit your fingers as well as the clearances inside the arrow slot and you also have to maintain the leather to keep the action consistent. Additionally, I had to file, sand and round off the back edge of the aluminum palm plate to avoid the hard edges digging into my flesh, (too bad it's plastic now). I also had to play with the angle of the aluminum finger spacer. Once I had it fit exactly to my hands, it became my most comfortable and consistent tab. I once saw an intermediate shooter chuck his brand new KSL Gold tab across the range, swearing a storm and blaming the new tab for all his bad shots. Not only was it not broken in, he hadn't adjusted the palm plate or shelf properly yet nor had he trimmed the leather which was nearly an inch longer than his fingers. I showed him my tab and we spent nearly an hour adjusting, fitting, trimming and trying it out.

Everybody's hands are different sizes, shapes and have different pressure points. You have to take the time to fine tune and adjust the tab to your exact fit including the palm plate, finger spacer angle and finger spacer thickness. I also have a couple of the Fivics Saker-1 tabs. They are good but not as adjustable as the KSL and also requires a fair amount filing and sanding to remove uncomfortable metal edges biting into your palm. The Sakers also include a pinky hook which we do not teach as part of the USAA NTS system and the string angle on the KSL tab's body plate is much more pronounced than the Sakers for better uphook. Finger tabs usually require custom fitting and break-in for optimum comfort and performance like a good pair of jeans.

(Posted on 4/16/14)

Large is Large! But still a great purchase Review by Michael Pule

I had been using a medium SF Axiom Tab and was advised by some coaches that it was a bit small for me, so when I decided to upgrade I jumped up to the large version of this tab. It's LARGE! Maybe a bit too large, but it's just leather, I can always trim it down to fit me.

Before I set it up properly for me, It hurt, was hard to nock an arrow and caused more problems than good. Then, I actually took the time to read the directions and follow them and now that it is setup correctly, It's been working great! The palm attachment has been the source of the most problems and positives. Once I moved it up to the higher position it was more comfortable and provided the greatest improvement to my form.

The last area is the finger spacing. The actual spacer is very large! Probably still too large for my hand, but I'm making it work. The space between the upper and lower portions of the tab is also a little tight and when I was using poor form was causing the arrow to fall off the rest. However, when I started using a proper form and engaging the bicep to rotate the hand more under my chin, it doesn't seem to have that problem.

I would assume people complaining about fit or size just didn't adjust it properly because if not done, it is uncomfortable, it would be a giant piece of metal sticking awkwardly into the palm of your hand after all.

(Posted on 3/31/14)

Good, but I like the brass one even better. Review by Ken

This tab does exactly what it is supposed to - Keep your string hand in the proper shape for the shot execution. It does have the problem of the elastic straps rolling up. The brass version has wider heavier elastic straps and therefore works better. The brass version is a bit heavier though. I would highly recommend this for all archers learning the National Training System. (also I use it for compound fingers and it works great!)

(Posted on 1/30/14)

Useful to get your hand position correctly Review by LemonBanana

Been using this Finger Tab and I like it. It forces my hand to the correct position and that's good since i am a beginner. The one I used is medium and it fits my 7.5 inch tall by 4 inch wide hand. Once you get better at shooting you can take off the shelf and the back plate.

(Posted on 9/19/12)

Uncomfortable and Painful Review by Alan Chan

I tried it out for a week. I tried as hard as i could to adjust it and make it comfortable, but in the end i gave up in favor of the soma saker 1.

The palm plate protrudes heavily into your palm, about 4-5mm. in turn, i could barely do anything with my hand. I couldn't load arrows or move anything but my fingers and wrist, though i think that's the purpose.

In the end, every time i curled my hand the finger spacer jammed itself into the finger webbing between my index and middle finger, causing a lot of pain.

also, the sizing is fairly rigid for how specifically fit the tab has to be. i switched to the soma saker 1 because of how much freedom i had with choosing a size that was right for me.

not recommended, TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT

(Posted on 7/29/11)

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