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Product Description
Product Description

• Weighs less than 6 ounces!
• 3K C.B.R. Carbon body ridge - carbon fiber body for superior strength (patent pending)
• 3K C.B.R. Carbon hood destroys harmonics and stops the effects of vibration
• 3K C.B.R. Carbon support frame is stronger and lighter and stops the effects of vibration
• Quad lock - four points lock-down system with vertical adjustment
• V.A.C. Vibration absorbing coat - rubberized clear coat diminishes the effects of vibration
• 5 Arrow hoods with close cell foam insert to securely hold all types of broadheads
• Arrow tips are secure inside hood insert and will not rattle
• First position arrow in-line with shooter for minimal movement
• TPR over-mold on ABS hood stops unwanted noise from chamber area
• Adjustable, one-hand system is secure and quiet
• Gripper slot secures all types of arrows
• Available in 100% 3K carbon fiber material
• Available in blackout only

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