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ArcTec CPR-System (PSE Model)

Product Description
Product Description
• The ArcTec CPR-System (Cable Pressure Reducing-System) utilizes a infinitely adjustable joint in the cable guard, that allows you to optimize your cam lean easily and precisely
• Reduces cam-lean at full draw and reduces the pressure (torque) on your bow-hand
• Cam-lean causes horizontal nock travel due to the introduction of a horizontal force. This can be reduced to a minimum thereby reducing any paradox enabling easier bow tuning. The result is better grouping
• Fully adjustable, every type of fletching can be shot without any clearance problems
• Also works as a cable-stop which reduces vibrations in the cable / string system
• Compatible with any 3/8" cable slide
• Available in silver only
• Includes mounting offset for PSE bows

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