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Barnett Droptine STR Crossbow Package

SKU# 1290101


Item # 1290101

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Ready. Set. Hunt.
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Freight Notice: Due to the weight and/or dimensions of this product, an additional shipping charge of $13.00 will be applied for each unit ordered.
Product Description
Product Description
• All new 3 lbs. trigger tech trigger for a zero creep trigger pull
• Ultralight CRT riser
• Bristle brush retainer
• Anti-Dry fire system
• Inlaid aluminum rail
• Metal injected trigger mold
• Finger safety reminders
• Allows for integration of a crank cocking device
• Pass though foregrip
• CNC machined 7/8" Picatinny rail

Package includes:
• 4 x 32 illuminated scope
• Rope cocking device
• Side arm quiver
• (2) 22" Headhunter arrows
• Lubewax
Width 20"
Length 36"
Weight (lbs.) 6.9 lbs.
Power Stroke 15.75"
Kinetic Energy 125 FP
Speed 385 fps
Cocking Aid Rope
Color Realtree Edge

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Barnett 2018 Droptine STR Review by Allan

Just recently purchased this crossbow as a challenge (I like challenges) to see why so many complaints on numerous websites in regard to the string coming off with few to several shots.
If you look very close at the cams in the uncocked position, you will notice the cam tilts down a wee bit on the rail-stock side. This is the reason for the bow string coming off.

Any adjustments require the crossbow to be put in a press. Add a twist to the lower "Y" section of the cable. Now cock the crossbow and lay a field point equipped arrow on the cam, point facing the rail. Take a second field point equipped arrow and lay on the other cam with the point facing the rail. If the cams are level, the arrows will lay on the rail with the points matching.

A few other things I did: 1)took the crossbow apart and lubed the limb pockets, and limb rockers which prevents squeaks when cocking the crossbow. The manufacture did not do this.
2)lube the axles as this crossbow has 2 piece cam bushings as compared to the older Ghost 410 with flanged bearings.
3)Check to make sure the cams rotate free. One of mine did not and I found an extra shim that caused too much resistance.
4)Block the crossbow level with a level on the rail-stock. With the scope off, lay a level on the picatinny rail. This crossbows picatinny rail had a slight downward slope at the front. To correct this, I removed the picatinny rail. Next, take a small, long flat blade screw driver and insert it in front of the brush holder, pushing back to unlock it. Take a second flat blade screw driver and fit it in the groove and push the holder forward to remove the holder with the brush. Two allen head bolts are now visible. Remove them and put a thin shim in the front bolt area. I cut and filed a small nut to the proper thickness. When assembling the bolt will go through the nut to keep it in place. The front bolt has to be replaced with a longer one due to the added thickness.
Once completed, the picatinny rail is now parallel with the rail-stock.

Properly tuned, this is a very accurate, high quality crossbow.
Shooting a 20" Barnett Custom Head Hunter 410 grain arrow-point combination, the crossbow shot 376 feet per second. Doing the calculation where Barnett shoots the 380 grain arrow-point combination to get its advertised speed of 380 feet per second, this bow shoots 385 feet per second.

The crossbow and accessories were well packaged. Lancaster was very quick shipping, providing excellent customer service.
I am a very happy customer.

(Posted on 2/14/19)

Don’t buy Review by Treeman

Took bow out hunting 5 times And upon returning from hunt and shooting into target string comes off. Barnett says I left bow cocked too long. 3 hours.? Really?
Something is clearly wrong with engineering of this bow

(Posted on 11/23/18)

Junk junk junk! Review by Dave

The string fell off the cams within the first 10 shots. This isn't my first x-bow and I was using the supplied bolts. After checking amazon and other review sites, I found 3 reviews written in the last week that complained about the exact same problem. How could Barnett let so many faulty bows come off the line? It says something about their quality control. I will never buy another Barnett product. Lancaster archery is accepting my return with no issues. 5 stars for them, 0 for Barnett.

(Posted on 10/18/18)

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