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Bearpaw Mohawk 62" Takedown Recurve Bow



Item # BUNDLE6140079

Catalog Page # 33

Beautifully crafted T/D bow.

Full Description
Product Description
Product Description
• Smooth drawing takedown recurve bow
• Riser: Walnut with radiused accents
• Limbs: Smooth and fast Bamboo core
• Finely crafted in Germany
• AMO Length: 62"
• Includes whisper string

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Customer Reviews

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Great Bow despite some minor production shortcomings. Review by Ringlight

When I ordered this bow, the limbs were in stock, but the riser was backordered. The limbs arrived in great shape as did the bow, about a week or so later. Sadly, neither delivery contained the "whisper string" as listed in the product description. I sent an email to LA and they sent me a D97 16 strand Flemish twist string which, while not the advertised whisper string, performs flawlessly. The grommet on the lower limb did not fit the hold drilled for it perfectly and i had to wrap a bit of plumber's tape around it for a snug fit.
Despite these bits and pieced, I could not be happier with the bow. The grip melts in my hand and the bamboo/glass limbs draw smoothly and evenly with no stacking. My first arrow hit gold at the local indoor range and the more I get used to it, the more land there as well.

(Posted on 6/3/15)

OK Bow for <$400 Review by Michael Heaser

I bought this bow in December 2014. The overall fit and finish is "OK" for a bow in this price range. The limb butts on mine are not completely squared with the handle, though they do appear to mount so the string is straight down the middle (not crooked). But this is a bit of an appearance issue. My bow was missing the limb bolts and upon my request they did get sent a couple of weeks later. In the meantime, I went out and bought some. I had written to the manufacturer about this to get the metric sizing and got NO response to my email. Lancaster was very good and took care of sending the ones I did get a bit later.

The biggest issue I have is that this bow is severely negative tillered....about 3/8" plus on the bottom limb! I don't know if they are designed that way or what, but over four decades of shooting bows, I've never been able to get a bow to shoot well that has a negative tiller.

So in net, this bow and I have not gotten along too well. Shoots "OK" but it does not have anywhere near the performance I demand.

(Posted on 4/21/15)

failure after 3 days of use Review by gustavomartins

This is my second bodnik bow and the first one is great!

However i can not say the same for this one. I used it for 3 days in warm weather in Brazil when in a warm day it unstrung itself after a shot. I put the string again and realized the the upper limb was a little twisted.After that the string was going always to the left side of the upper limb groove.

I think it just was not designed for warm weather.

The bow was shooting great on the days before and it is a beautiful bow for sure, but i had to send it back to change it for another model.

(Posted on 3/11/15)

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