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04.22.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Academy May Newsletter

It’s May, which means spring is in full swing. As you’re listening to the birds singing outside on a cool morning this month, ponder these cool facts about May. 1. According to old superstitions, it’s bad luck to marry, buy a broom or wash a blanket during the month of May. 2. No U.S. president […]

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04.21.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics
trials featured

Field of archers in U.S. Olympic trials down to 8 men, 8 women

And then there were 16. The field of archers vying for nominations to represent the U.S.A. at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was cut in half, from 32 to 16 this week – eight men and eight women. The cuts were made following the rigorous second stage of the U.S. Olympic trials […]

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04.15.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics
RIO featured

How it works: Olympic Archery Competition and Scoring

Come Aug. 5, the eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the 2016 Summer Olympic Games commence. Archers from around the world will compete for individual and team medals inside Rio’s famous Sambadrome stadium, and so many of you might be wondering: How does the Olympic archery competition work? There […]

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04.08.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics
brady featured

How to make the U.S. Olympic archery team

The 2016 summer Olympics are fast approaching. Scheduled for Aug. 5-21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, archery is among the many sports to be featured in the games. The United States certainly hopes to see one or more of its archers climb the podium and claim Olympic glory. The U.S. has won seven individual gold […]

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04.01.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
Jack Wallace featured

Jack Wallace II: 3D archery accessories you can’t leave at home

The 3D archery course can be an unforgiving place. Besides the course and other competitors, you’ve got to contend with wind, rain, heat, cold, etc. You’ve got to shoot through all of it. Lightning is basically the only natural element that will put a tournament on hold. If you have an equipment issue out on […]

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03.31.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases, Uncategorized

Lancaster Archery Academy April Newsletter

April is a busy month for everyone. Spring is upon us, and there’s plenty of cleanup work inside and outside the house. So how about injecting a little archery to break up the monotony? After all, all work and no play makes everyone dull. Here’s what the Lancaster Archery Academy has cooking through April and […]

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03.25.2016 | Categories: Archery Tips, Equipment Setup
Dan featured

Dan McCarthy’s guide to killer 3D archery arrows

For more than a decade, pro archer Dan McCarthy has been working his way onto podiums at 3D archery tournaments. He knows what it takes to succeed at the game’s highest level. Not surprisingly, McCarthy is meticulous about setting up all his equipment. But when it comes to his arrows, he is especially particular. And […]

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03.24.2016 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Equipment Setup

How to tie a peep sight into a bow string

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert P.J. Reilly demonstrates how to tie a peep sight into the string of a compound bow in this video. There’s great value in putting a peep sight into your compound bow string. It’s key to helping consistently align your eye with your sight at full draw. Tying the peep into the […]

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03.23.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Supply’s Dan Schuller Named PA Coordinator for Scholastic 3-D Archery

Lancaster Archery Supply will be leading the way for Scholastic 3-D Archery in Pennsylvania. LAS Customer Service representative Dan Schuller has been named Pennsylvania coordinator for the Kentucky-based S3DA program, which seeks to introduce school-aged kids to the sport of 3-D archery. As the State Coordinator, Dan will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program […]

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03.23.2016 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Selection Guides

What’s the right size recurve bow for me?

Recurve bows come in a variety of sizes, but not all will perform well for every archer. There are some parameters that will help guide you in determining which bow is the right size for you. Lancaster Archery TechXpert John Wert explains in this video how to choose the right size recurve bow. And it […]

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