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10.07.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
fletch feature

Feathers vs. vanes: Here’s what you need to know

So you’ve got a fletching jig, and you’ve decided to build your own arrows for all your shooting needs – indoors, outdoor target, outdoor 3-D, hunting, etc. And now the question is…..Do I use feathers or vanes? According to the LAS TechXPert crew, there are many factors individual archers must consider in making such a […]

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10.05.2015 | Categories: Video, Training and Competition

Take a sneak peek at Lancaster Archery Academy’s Experience Archery class

Ever wonder what it’s like to take Lancaster Archery Academy’s Experience Archery class? This is a six-week, entry-level class that introduces people to the sport of archery. Lancaster Archery Supply videographer and novice archer, Silas Crews, took the class during the summer of 2015, and he carried along his video camera to capture the experience. […]

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10.02.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Lancaster Archery Supply Buck Beard

In celebration of hunting season, Lancaster Archery Supply is proud to offer the Buck Beard. TechXPert, and rut-season Buck Beard wearer, John Wert runs through the different sizes of the Buck Beard, explaining when each is suitable during hunting season. There’s a Buck Beard for the warm days in the early season, the pre-rut, the […]

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10.01.2015 | Categories: Selection Guides
featured nock

A basic guide to arrow nocks

It was in 1991 that the “Iceman” was discovered by hikers high up in the Italian Alps near the border with Austria. Among the artifacts recovered alongside his mummified corpse were an unfinished longbow, a quiver and a handful of arrows, only two of which were ready to be shot. They had leaf-shaped flint heads […]

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09.28.2015 | Categories: Learn Archery Lingo
momentum broadhead

What’s the difference between momentum and kinetic energy?

When it comes to bowhunting, kinetic energy gets all the love. You can find scads of articles extolling its virtues and charts describing its professed impact. Momentum, by comparison, is the genius, recluse cousin few people talk about, but who has a cult following. It’s punk rock before that brand of music became mainstream. In […]

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09.22.2015 | Categories: Training and Competition
target cracked sized

Coping with target panic

Target panic. The mere thought of it sends archers cowering into the corner, where they rock in the fetal position, quoting the ivory trader, Kurtz, from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness ‑ “The horror! The horror!” Sorry for the English 101 flashback there, but it paints a picture of how target panic is viewed in […]

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09.21.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Hoyt Formula Carbon Ace Recurve Limbs

Lancaster Archery TechXPert Dan Schuller describes the function and features of the Hoyt Formula Carbon Ace recurve bow limbs. These limbs are ILF compatible, meaning they conform to the International Limb Fit (ILF) standards, and will fit any Olympic-style riser made to receive such limbs. Schuller explains these limbs are available in 2-pound increments from […]

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09.21.2015 | Categories: Video, Equipment Setup

How to tie a D-loop

In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPert P.J. Reilly demonstrates how to tie a D-loop onto the string of a compound bow. The D-loop is attached to the bowstring, to provide both a nocking point for your arrow and a connection for your mechanical release. You hook your release to the loop before drawing the bow. […]

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09.18.2015 | Categories: Video, Equipment Setup

How to set up a takedown recurve bow

The takedown recurve bow is one of the most popular choices for recreational archers and traditional bowhunters. In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly walks through the steps to set up the Samick Sage recurve bow. Reilly demonstrates how to attach the limbs to the bow and how to put the string on […]

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09.18.2015 | Categories: Video, Equipment Setup

How to set up a basic compound bow

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly sets up a compound bow in this video. Reilly starts with a bare, Hoyt Ignite compound bow, and then adds to it a basic, LAS compound bow package. The package includes an arrow rest, sight, quiver, wrist sling, stabilizer and five arrows. Reilly demonstrates how to get a basic […]

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