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07.01.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Supply Partners with

Lancaster Archery Supply is teaming up with to help bowhunters everywhere feed their appetites for bowhunting gear, archery equipment, information and entertainment. Rob Kaufhold, President of Lancaster Archery, exclaimed, “We have been friends and fans of Todd and Justin at and their Bowhunt or Die show for several years. I’m extremely excited to be […]

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06.30.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Mackenzie Brown’s Olympic Archery Dreams Are Taking Her to Rio 2016

When Mackenzie Brown steps to the line in Rio de Janeiro this August, and nocks her first arrow at the 2016 Olympic Games, she will fulfill a dream she has worked for since she picked up a bow and arrow at 10 years of age. “I started in NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), […]

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06.29.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases
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Lancaster Archery Academy July Newsletter

We’re getting into the heart of summer now. That means the days are long and the sun is hot. It also means there’s great weather and plenty of daylight for shooting a bow outside! We’ve got camps and classes galore coming up in the weeks ahead. No matter what your age or experience level, we’ve […]

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06.24.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Olympic Archery Explained: The Plunger

Every archer you see shooting in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer will have a device on their bow called a plunger, or cushion plunger. It’s a small piece of gear that kind of looks like a spark plug, which works in concert with the arrow rest. And it’s absolutely critical to […]

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06.20.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Easton X10 arrows break another archery record in Turkey

The Easton X10 arrow continued its dominance of Olympic archery by helping the Korean women’s team break another World Archery record in June 2016. The Korean women scored a combined 2045 points at the third stage of the 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Antalaya, Turkey, to beat the recurve women’s team ranking round world record by […]

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06.17.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

U.S. will send only one female archer to Rio Olympics

Competing at the final Olympic qualifier in Turkey this week, the U.S. failed to secure two additional spots to send a full team of three female archers to Rio in August. That means Mackenzie Brown alone will represent the U.S. at the 2016 Olympic games. Hye Youn Park will be the alternate team member. Shooting […]

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06.17.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Olympics

What’s the difference between Olympic recurve and recreational recurve?

Summer is beginning, and archers are heading to their backyards to sling arrows. For many recreational archers, the bow of choice is the recurve. It’s fun and simple to shoot. The recurve also is the bow archers will be using in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this summer. But the recreational […]

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06.15.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Press Releases

Jack Wallace II unscripted: Pro archer talks about contracts, regrets and his future

Jack Wallace II is well-known on the 3-D circuit. He’s been a tough competitor at ASA and IBO shoots for over 20 years. This season, Wallace finds himself shooting without a bow contract – a unique, albeit unsettling, position for an archer who pays the bills with a stick and string. The longtime Mathews archer […]

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06.10.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Brady Ellison talks Olympics – past and present

His face is the face of U.S. Olympic archery. There’s no mistaking who’s behind the bow, when you see the grimacing, whiskered jaw and the shaggy, dirty blond hair sticking out from beneath the curled brim of a baseball hat. Brady Ellison has been one of the most dominant Olympic recurve archers in the world […]

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06.08.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics
Mackenzie Brown featured

U.S. Archers head to Turkey in search of two more Olympic spots

This is it. A full team of U.S. archers is heading to Turkey this week for Stage 3 of the 2016 World Cup, June 14-19, but all eyes will be on the women’s recurve competitors – Mackenzie Brown, Hye Youn Park and Khatuna Lorig. The three must win a team medal in order for the […]

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