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05.26.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases, Uncategorized

Lancaster Archery Academy June Newsletter

Busy, busy, busy! That’s what we plan to be at the Academy in June and July. There will be no shortage of archery classes, camps and events. So come on out and get in on the fun! ARCHERY CLASSES We’ve got multiple, 6-week classes starting soon in our Experience Archery, and Intermediate Archery courses, as well as a […]

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05.23.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Press Releases

Check out our OPA video playlist and relive the entire tournament

So the inaugural Organization of Professional Archery (OPA) Summit Invitational is now a wrap. The tournament will be remembered for many things – it was hosted by Levi and Samantha Morgan; the targets were long and had painted bonus rings; the wind blew almost non-stop; it rained cats and dogs and the fog was ever […]

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05.21.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Press Releases

OPA Archers fight the wind on the first day of competition

For the first day of competition at the Organization of Professional Archery’s (OPA) Summit Invitational, the wind seemed to baffle a lot of the Men’s Expert archers. They shot on the West Range – everyone else shot the East Range – which features several long-distance targets placed out in the wide open. This is a […]

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05.20.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Press Releases

OPA Brings Out Archery’s Big Guns

We’re here at the Organization of Professional Archery’s (OPA) inaugural Summit Invitational in western Pennsylvania. Hosts Levi and Samantha Morgan have invited more than 300 of the world’s best archers – both spot archers and 3-D competitors – to shoot in a unique format. Archers will  be shooting 3-D targets at marked distances out to […]

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05.13.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides

5 Bowfishing Products You need to get started

The weather’s getting nicer and the carp are swimming into shallow waters. That can only mean it’s time to go bowfishing! The popularity of bowfishing has been taking off in recent years as fisheries managers stress the need to rid waters of invasive species such as Asian carp, grass carp, flathead catfish and others, and […]

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05.11.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Olympics

Olympic archer Khatuna Lorig punctures a tire with an arrow in Bridgestone commercial

Archery is finding its way into all kinds of television and movie moments these days. The latest is a Bridgestone Tire commercial, featuring five-time Olympic archer, Khatuna Lorig. For those of us who are archery fanatics, it’s fun to see and hear the general population talk about our game. Frequently, there are errors that we […]

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05.10.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Supply at Georgia ASA event

Lancaster Archery Supply’s video team was at the Archery Shooters Association’s New Breed/Leupold Pro/Am in Appling, Ga., in late April. We talked to pro archers to get some tips and insights that might help you with your 3D game. Learn about judging tough targets from Darrin Christenberry; about David Houser’s killer bow setup that helped […]

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05.07.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics
olympic featured comp

Why aren’t compound bows used in the Olympics?

Compound bows have been around since the 1960s. Here in the U.S., you’re more likely to see people shooting compounds at the local archery range than recurve bows. Watch any of the televised coverage of archery at this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, however, and all you’ll see are recurve bows. Why […]

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05.06.2016 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Product Reviews

Cottonwood Outdoors Spider Shot 3D Tournament Seat

The Spider Shot 3D Tournament Seat from Cottonwood Outdoors is a hot new product introduced in 2016 that’s catching wind as the 3D archery season kicks into high gear. Avid 3D archers know that there can be a long wait between shots on the tournament course, and so having your own place to sit is […]

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04.22.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Academy May Newsletter

It’s May, which means spring is in full swing. As you’re listening to the birds singing outside on a cool morning this month, ponder these cool facts about May. 1. According to old superstitions, it’s bad luck to marry, buy a broom or wash a blanket during the month of May. 2. No U.S. president […]

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