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08.27.2015 | Categories: Learn Archery Lingo

Archery Slang: Speak the language

Sports and slang go together “like peas and carrots,” as Forrest Gump would say. There isn’t a game out there that doesn’t have its own unique phrases and words – and you’re not likely to find the sports meanings in any standard dictionary. When I played Little League baseball, my neighbor’s father hollered, “Can of […]

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08.26.2015 | Categories: Archery Tips, Learn Archery Lingo
Archery Donts featured

Six Archery ‘Don’ts’ You need to Know

Like other sports, archery is a game of dos and don’ts. There are many of each, but they all don’t necessarily apply to every archer in every situation. There is, however, a fairly short list of don’ts that apply to every archer, in every level of the sport, in every corner of the globe. Here […]

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08.24.2015 | Categories: News
extra featured

The 2015 Bowhunter’s Extravaganza was a smash success

Lancaster Archery Supply’s 2015 Bowhunter’s Extravaganza Aug. 21-22 was a huge success. The LAS team rolled out the red carpet, and scores of bowhunters stopped by to check out special deals on all the gear they’ll need in the woods and fields this season. Beautiful weather both days of the event kept the sales action […]

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08.24.2015 | Categories: Equipment Setup
arrow featured

DIY Arrow Repairs

There’s nothing finer than taking home a brand new set of arrows. The shafts are clean. The fletchings are crisp and pristine. They’re visions of beauty. Spend a couple weeks on the range with those arrows, though, and they might not look so pure. They can take a beating, and get damaged. Learn a few […]

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08.20.2015 | Categories: Training and Competition
explore featured

Explore Bowhunting Course Teaches Critical Skills

Lancaster Archery Supply in August 2015 became just the second retailer in the country to hold the Explore Bowhunting course created by Archery Trade Association. From Aug. 12-14, a group of nearly two dozen students of all ages spent 4 hours a day learning the ins and outs of bowhunting. Through a team of instructors […]

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08.20.2015 | Categories: Video, Training and Competition

How to shoot deer from a tree stand

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly discusses how shot angles are affected by bowhunting deer from an elevated tree stand. Reilly spells out proper shot placement on a deer from ground level to achieve a quick, ethical kill. Then, he shows how arrow placement must change to account for the height in a tree from […]

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08.13.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Sebastian Flute Inferno Recurve Bow

Lancaster Archery TechXPert John Wert talks about the Sebastian Flute Inferno recurve bow in this product review. Made of maple, with oak accents and limbs laminated with fiberglass, the Inferno is a good entry-level takedown recurve bow. It comes in three sizes – 54,62 and 66 inches – and the limbs are offered in a […]

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08.13.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Easton X10 Arrow Shaft

The Easton X10 arrow shaft is reviewed in this video by Lancaster Archery TechXPert Randy Groff. The X10 has claimed more world title and Olympic medals than any other arrow on the market. Made of carbon, with an aluminum core, the X10 has a unique barrel shape, with tapered ends extending out from the fattest […]

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08.13.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Gold Tip GTO Nock

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Randy Groff reviews the Gold Tip GTO Nock. This is a new arrow nock introduced by Gold Tip in 2015. Using the appropriate bushing, the GTO nock can be used in just about any Gold Tip arrow. Groff points out that the GTO nock is short, so it doesn’t flex, and […]

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08.12.2015 | Categories: News

2015 Bowhunter’s Extravaganza Schedule of Events

Lancaster Archery Supply’s Bowhunter’s Extravaganza set for Aug. 21-22 is the perfect event to gear up for the season. In addition to great deals on just about everything you’ll need, we’ve also got a full slate of activities planned. Friday hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Saturday, we’re open 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Manufacturers’ representatives from several […]

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