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05.26.2017 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Selection Guides

Guide to Olympic Archery Arrow Rests

In this video, LAS TechXpert, and former U.S. national champion archer, Dan Schuller runs through the different types of arrow rests for Olympic recurve bows. Olympic recurve archery – as the name suggests – is the only archery featured in the Olympic Games. So this is the highest level of competitive archery with a recurve […]

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05.19.2017 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Equipment Setup, News

Your Guide to NASP Archery Equipment

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) employs a very specific, limited set of equipment. There’s one bow and one arrow that every NASP archer uses, and a short list of other NASP-approved gear. By standardizing the allowed equipment, NASP is able to make archery affordable for just about anyone, and the competition field […]

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05.19.2017 | Categories: Podcasts

Podcast Show Notes: Tommy Floyd of NASP

Tommy Floyd is the charismatic vice-president and general manager of National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). NASP has introduced about 10 million kids to archery in 47 states and in several countries across the globe. It’s a program designed with uniformity in mind, even though it’s open to kids in grades 4-12. Every archer […]

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05.05.2017 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides

Guide to Traditional Archery Arrow Rests

Traditional archers are known for their simplicity. Everything about their gear is uncomplicated. The rests they choose for their bows are no different. They’re simple, but functional. Before you start to pick a rest, take a look at your bow’s riser. If it’s bare above the shelf, with no holes in it, your rest choices […]

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05.05.2017 | Categories: Podcasts

Podcast Show Notes: TradTech director John Wert

John Wert is a nearly-lifelong traditional archer and the director of TradTech Archery. He’d rather hunt and target shoot with a stick and string than any other weapon, and is well-known around the country as an expert in setting up traditional bows. To help mark the 10th anniversary of TradTech – a division of Lancaster […]

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05.02.2017 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Find a Career as an Archery TechXpert

Did you ever dream of turning your passion for archery into a career? Of working for a company where everyone shares your love of archery? Heck, of working for a company that has an archery range where you are encouraged to spend some or all of your break time? Lancaster Archery Supply, the world’s largest […]

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04.27.2017 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Academy May-June Newsletter

Summer is so close, we can almost smell it. Or, maybe that’s just the smell of fresh cut grass. Whatever it is, the weather is perfect for shooting a bow and arrow. When the sun is shining – head outside. If it’s raining – shoot indoors. There are plenty of archery activities planned at the […]

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04.27.2017 | Categories: Podcasts

Podcast Show Notes: Levi Morgan

Levi Morgan is an icon in the archery world. He’s arguably the most accomplished, competitive 3-D archer in history; he and his wife, Samantha, have a successful TV hunting show; and he’s a marketing machine. People want to know what he’s doing, what he’s wearing, what he’s shooting and where he’s going. Levi recently took […]

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04.21.2017 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides

How to stay dry at a 3-D tournament

Except for lightning or some other dangerous situation, nothing stops a 3-D archery tournament. Those competitors shoot in all weather conditions. Perhaps nothing is as vexing to a 3-D archer as rain. Water can cause all kinds of problems with archery gear. Besides rusting any steel parts, it can blur sight lenses, soak strings and […]

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04.19.2017 | Categories: Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Supply Sponsors USA Archery

Lancaster Archery Supply is continuing its support of the nation’s top archery program and its world-class athletes in 2017. Fresh on the heels of last summer’s successful Olympic Games, which saw the United States claim a team silver and an individual bronze medals, the Lancaster, Pa., based archery distributor has signed on to sponsor USA […]

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