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08.24.2015 | Categories: Equipment Setup
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DIY Arrow Repairs

There’s nothing finer than taking home a brand new set of arrows. The shafts are clean. The fletchings are crisp and pristine. They’re visions of beauty. Spend a couple weeks on the range with those arrows, though, and they might not look so pure. They can take a beating, and get damaged. Learn a few […]

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08.07.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

G5 Arrow Squaring Device

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Randy Groff demonstrates how to use the G5 Arrow Squaring Device. This is a tool that can be used to make sure that the ends of your aluminum or carbon arrow shafts are perfectly square. If they aren’t, you can have problems with erratic arrow flight. Basically, you set your arrow […]

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