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07.08.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Olympic Archery Explained: Draw Weight

There’s no question the archers who will compete in the Olympic games in Rio this summer are the best Olympic recurve archers their home countries have to offer. They train hard, shooting their bows for many hours every day. And they’ve been doing that for years. So it’s no stretch to think of these athletes […]

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06.24.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics

Olympic Archery Explained: The Plunger

Every archer you see shooting in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer will have a device on their bow called a plunger, or cushion plunger. It’s a small piece of gear that kind of looks like a spark plug, which works in concert with the arrow rest. And it’s absolutely critical to […]

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06.17.2016 | Categories: Video, News, Olympics

What’s the difference between Olympic recurve and recreational recurve?

Summer is beginning, and archers are heading to their backyards to sling arrows. For many recreational archers, the bow of choice is the recurve. It’s fun and simple to shoot. The recurve also is the bow archers will be using in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this summer. But the recreational […]

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05.30.2016 | Categories: News, Olympics, Uncategorized

Olympic Archery Explained: The Clicker

If you watch archery at the Olympics on TV this summer, you’re going to notice the clicker. Camera angles for archery competitions are usually the same, and so what you’ll see in closeup shots of archers drawing their bows is the arrow sitting on a rest through the draw cycle. There will be a thin […]

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02.11.2016 | Categories: Archery Tips, Equipment Setup
strings featured

How to wax a bowstring and perform other basic string maintenance

Think of your bowstring as the engine that drives your bow, whether it’s a compound, a recurve or a longbow. To get energy out of the bow to propel an arrow, you must put energy into it. And to do that, you have to draw the string. Your car engine needs regular maintenance to keep […]

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02.04.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides, Uncategorized
finger sling featured

Wrist and finger slings: Do I need one?

Take a close look at an Olympic recurve archer, and you’ll likely notice a piece of cord tethering the forefinger to the thumb, around the back of the bow at the grip. You might see the same thing on the hand of a compound archer, although you’re more likely to spot a cord attached to […]

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12.16.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
tab featured

What you need to know about archery tab faces

Leather finger tabs have a couple different faces. When looking for one, recurve and longbow archers might find themselves asking, “Which tab face is right for me?” By the very nature of how they shoot, traditional and Olympic recurve archers have a much more intimate relationship with their bowstrings, as compared to compound archers. Recurves […]

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11.13.2015 | Categories: Archery Tips, Training

How to know if your bow’s draw weight is too heavy

Are you drawing too much weight? Getting a bow with the right draw weight is an individual endeavor. Everybody’s different. There is no prize awarded to the archer who draws the heaviest weight. The most obvious impact of having a bow with too much draw weight is that you can’t draw it at all. If […]

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10.07.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
fletch feature

Feathers vs. vanes: Here’s what you need to know

So you’ve got a fletching jig, and you’ve decided to build your own arrows for all your shooting needs – indoors, outdoor target, outdoor 3-D, hunting, etc. And now the question is…..Do I use feathers or vanes? According to the LAS TechXPert crew, there are many factors individual archers must consider in making such a […]

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10.01.2015 | Categories: Selection Guides
featured nock

A basic guide to arrow nocks

It was in 1991 that the “Iceman” was discovered by hikers high up in the Italian Alps near the border with Austria. Among the artifacts recovered alongside his mummified corpse were an unfinished longbow, a quiver and a handful of arrows, only two of which were ready to be shot. They had leaf-shaped flint heads […]

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