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06.21.2017 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides

Binoculars Accessories you’ve got to have for archery competitions

Every tournament archer needs a good set of binoculars. Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, 3-Ds or spots, you need to know exactly where your arrows are hitting the target. To have binoculars handy at all times on the line, and to use them in varying weather conditions, you’re going to need some accessories. Following […]

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03.17.2017 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides

What do the numbers on binoculars mean?

Ever wonder what the numbers on a set of binoculars mean? You see pairs stamped with 8×25, 10×42, 12×50, etc. It’s important to understand those numbers when you’re picking out a pair of binoculars for target archery, hunting, watching sports, etc. Take a walk through the field of competitors at a 3-D tournament and you’ll […]

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