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09.09.2016 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Training

Bowhunting Tech Tip: Proper Bow Grip

Positioning your hand properly on the bow grip is arguably the most important aspect of shooting accurately. Yet – pardon the pun – it’s something many archers don’t have a proper grip on. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly demonstrates the proper way to grip a bow. This applies to target archers and bowhunters […]

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08.31.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Reviews

Sugru Self-Setting rubber

Lancaster Archery TechXPert Dan Schuller talks about the archery applications of Sugru. Sugru is a glue that turns into rubber after it cures. It’s flexible like play-dough when you pull it out of the pack, so you can mold it to fit the shape you want. Let it sit exposed to air for 24 hours, […]

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