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07.22.2016 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Equipment Setup

Bowhunting Tech Tip: Choosing a sight for a compound bow

There are so many sights on the market today geared toward bowhunting with compound bows, that choosing one can be a daunting decision. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly runs through some basic factors bowhunters should consider when they are picking a sight for their bows. The selection process starts with deciding if you […]

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03.18.2016 | Categories: Archery Tips, Equipment Setup
carfa kelly2

Cara Kelly: How to use a sight tape for 3D archery

Precision is critical to success on the 3D course. The archer who is the most precise with arrow placement is the one who wins the day. You could certainly say that about any archery tournament, but precision is especially important in 3D archery since archers only shoot one arrow per target. And the shot distances […]

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12.28.2015 | Categories: Video, Nocked & Ready to Rock

How to set up your compound bow sight

As we near the end of the Nocked and Ready to Rock series, John Dudley talks about setting up a bow sight in this 11th installment. Dudley notes that simply attaching a sight to your bow and then sighting in does not insure consistent accuracy. Dudley walks through the process of leveling the second and […]

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10.27.2015 | Categories: Equipment Setup

The three axes of a bow sight

Did you know your compound bow sight has three axes? Did you know “axes” is the plural of “axis?” An axis, of course, is an imaginary line around which an object rotates. To achieve a truly level sight – which is critical for accuracy – you have to account for all three axes. Not all […]

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07.22.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
pin size featured2

Sight-Pin Sizing: 6 things you need to know

Archery sights come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. One of the most common sight features you’ll see is fiber-optic pins. There’s a reason for that. The fibers gather light all along their lengths, and that light makes the ends glow. So when you take aim with your bow, you’ve got a small, glowing light […]

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07.20.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Product Reviews

Axcel Achieve RXL Recurve Sight

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Dan Schuller describes the features of the Axcel Achieve RXL Recurve Sight in this video. There are two versions of this sight – one is made of aluminum, while the other is carbon. Schuller demonstrates how to adjust the sight for windage and distance, as well as how to break it […]

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07.10.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Product Reviews

CBE Target Scope Housings

In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPert Randy Groff runs through the features of the CBE Target Scope Housings. These housings would have to be attached to a sight body in order to be mounted on a bow. Mounting hardware is included in each package. CBE offers its target housings in two sizes – large and […]

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07.10.2015 | Categories: Video, Product Info, Product Reviews

CBE Tek-Target Sight

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Randy Groff describes the various functions of the CBE Tek-Target archery sight. Groff walks through all the windage and elevation adjustments the sight offers, and discuses how you can customize it for the bow you’re shooting. The Tek-Target does not come with a scope, so you’ll have to add your own. […]

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07.08.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
aperture sight pin

Aperture, scope or pin: Which one for my sight?

So you’ve decided you want to shoot with a sight on your bow, and now you’re going to have to choose an aiming device. There are only three choices – aperture, scope or pin. You attach one of these to a sight body, and then use it to direct the bow so your arrow hits […]

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07.06.2015 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
This is for an article about choosing between single- and multi-pin sights.

What’s better? A single-pin or multi-pin sight?

It’s possible to start a debate akin to “Ford vs. Chevy” when talking with a bunch of archers about whether a single-pin sight is better than one with multiple pins. We certainly don’t want to launch such a dust up here. But opinions aside, there are some factual differences between the two.   Here’s a […]

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