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10.06.2017 | Categories: Video

2017 Mission Crossbows SUB-1 Crossbow


Mission Crossbows has released its newest crossbow for 2017, the SUB-1.

In the attached video, P.J. Reilly runs through the various features of this well-built, deadly accurate crossbow. The name – SUB-1 – is meant to indicate that this crossbow is capable of shooting groups of three bolts, at 100 yards, in a group measuring less than 1 inch across – sub 1 inch.

The SUB-1 is 30.5 inches long with a 13.75-inch power stroke and a 200-pound draw weight. It’s rated for shooting a 400-grain bolt at 350 feet per second.

It’s got 80 percent letoff, which aids in drawing the bow. It also is key in the de-cocking process. The SUB-1 has a special push button that can be depressed, and the bow can then be de-cocked using the cocking rope. With 80 percent letoff, the bow doesn’t want to lurch forward as you de-cock it.

The SUB-1 utilizes  No Cam technology created by Mathews for its compound bows to make sure the nock travel is perfectly level through the draw and shot processes. That’s key for pinpoint accuracy.

Also aiding with accuracy is the 1.5-5-power Hawke scope. It’s got multiple reticles, making it possible to set marks from 20-100 yards.

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