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05.26.2017 | Categories: Video

Guide to Olympic Archery Arrow Rests


In this video, LAS TechXpert, and former U.S. national champion archer, Dan Schuller runs through the different types of arrow rests for Olympic recurve bows.

Olympic recurve archery – as the name suggests – is the only archery featured in the Olympic Games. So this is the highest level of competitive archery with a recurve bow in the world. And yet, the arrow rests are surprisingly simple.

Schuller shows a few different models – a bolt-on rest, stick-on rests with wire arms and a stick-on rest with a plastic arm.

Schuller describes the variations among these rests and how they’d be installed, and also suggests why an archer might choose one over the other. All are used by every level of archer, from beginner to Olympic champion.

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