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Brownell .022" Diamondback Serving

SKU# 1600031


Item # 1600031

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Brownell .022" Diamondback Serving
Full Description
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Product Description
Product Description
• Unique braided construction
• Superior grip and durability
• Lies flat, will not unravel
• Spectra / polyester blend
• .022" diameter
• Available in black only

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Customer Reviews

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Great Material just need to know how to use it right Review by simon hooper

This and Angel Majesty are the best servings I have used.
Diamondback is designed to lay flat under pressure unlike servings such as Halo etc. However this helps the serving lock together and not separate, especially on centre serving where the d loop is tied.
It will have a finished size smaller than that of Halo so if you are using Halo as a size guide you will need to go larger.
The pattern it creates once served lets you know how much tension you have applied as well as if that tension is consistent.

(Posted on 6/16/18)

WHO on earth should rave about the virtues of this????? Review by 5CardBLAZE

I cannot for the life of me understand why ANYONE could think this is good stuff ?!!!

Imagine TeleVision Coaxial Cable, how it has a plaited conductor around the outside of the insulation layer.
Now imagine how TV Coax can have its outer conductor be PUSHED and how that conductor slides.

This is what this dreadful aweful horrible serving is like.
It has a plaited black&white around a solid black core. It comes apart.
I threw off about 2metres / 2yards off its end to try to find a good section for centre serving.

In my serving jig, it already starts to bunch-up [where the outer plait banks up] even before it gets to my Bowstring.

I had to slacken off the tension of my serving jig to quite loose.
Even so, this Diamondback 'muck' pressed down sooo flat, that at .022", it has a smaller
Nock Fit than Halo of .019".
It should be a much tigher Nock Fit than Halo .019" for two reasons ...
1.). I wound the Halo on with firm tension on my serving jog, VERSES winding this Diamondback muck on with very loose tension!!!
2.). .022" should be a tighter Nock Fit than .018" EVERY TIME, yes?!!!

Do not buy this unworthy serving {but of course it was my first time trying it, and I may have just got a reject batch. But really?}

(Posted on 6/23/17)

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