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3D Archery

3D Archery

A Walking Course for Archers, 3D Archery is Like Golf in the Woods

Challenging and Fun

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of 3D Archery while walking the woodlands judging distances and shooting at 3D foam animal targets that simulate hunting situations… it's fun and easy to learn, but it can be seriously competitive too. Most communities have 3D Archery events for fun or to prepare for ASA and IBO 3D Archery competitions.

We've Grown with the Sport

No one knows 3D like Lancaster Archery. We've been in 3D Archery since the 80's, before the first McKenzie 3D Target, when we shot at 2-D foam cutouts. In the last 20+ years, we've traveled a half-million miles in the "LAS Express" Trailers providing technical advice, gear and repair support for archers shooting in ASA and IBO 3D Archery Events and Target Archery tournaments. Stop by and talk with the LAS staff or see Pros like Dan McCarthy, Jack Wallace, Nathan Brooks or Darrin Christenberry who depend on us for getting the "edge" they need to succeed!

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