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Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery

Welcome to Lancaster Archery Supply, the home of TradTech Archery since 2007. We’ve recently merged our websites to provide Traditional Archers with access to all of the features of Lancaster Archery stocks the USA's largest selection of bows, arrows and accessories for the Traditional Archer - including bows from TradTech, Samick, Bear, PSE, Dryad, Bearpaw, Martin, Hoyt, and Elk Ridge. Use the Archery Style filter options on any product results page to narrow our product catalog to the same selection of Traditional products that shoppers have enjoyed for years at

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We are Traditional Archers

We understand Traditional Archers & Hunters because we are Traditional Archers! Our goal is to provide Traditional Archers with modern performance and convenience while remaining true to the Traditional Archery look and feel.

We Demand Quality Archery Equipment

By devoting our resources to this mission, we have designed and tested hundreds of products to offer you only the very best in Traditional Archery Gear. By teaming with other high-end Traditional Suppliers, Lancaster Archery can offer the best gear to all archers. These products are backed by some of the most respected and trusted Traditonal Archery Experts in the world.

Rob Kaufhold, President of Lancaster Archery Supply and TradTech Archery, holds numerous coveted target and hunting trophies in all six archery disciplines: Traditional, Bowhunting, Olympic Recurve, Compound Target, 3D and Recreational. Growing up in an archery family, Rob set out to make his lifetime passion into a leading archery company. His strategy is simple: to provide the best quality equipment to the archery community. By launching the TradTech experience at Lancaster Archery Supply, there is no doubt he has far exceeded that goal.

The additional support of Traditional Archery Expert, John Wert, makes TradTech a known presence at "Single-String" destinations such as 3D Shoots, Bowhunts and Bowfishing outings.

Advancing Traditional Design

TradTech Archery began with the development of two benchmark bows that set a higher standard for Traditional Archery: the Titan and the Pinnacle. From these two TradTech originals has arisen a stream of cutting edge risers and limbs that have redefined traditional archery style and performance.

TradTech bows are the synthesis of state-of-the-art computer modeling and design with Traditional Hunting Gear. TradTech’s most recent generation of risers and limbs, including the Pinnacle II, the Black Magic, and the powerful Titans II & III, continue to break ground and set the standard for quiet, smooth, and shooter-friendly Traditional Bows.

"When the First Shot Counts," Trust TradTech!

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Information for customers

If you created your original account at, you can login to with the same email address and password. Any reward points earned at are available at and can be used toward the same great equipment and supplies. As always, the staff of TradTech Archery is here to assist you as you shop for the best in Traditional Archery Gear. Drop us a note or pick up the phone and give us a ring if we can be of additional service.