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Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery Keeps the Sport Simple and Real

Back to the Basics

Traditional Archery is near and "deer" to our hearts… we've been shooting recurves since the 60's and we shoot, compete, bowfish and bowhunt with Traditional Archery Recurves or Longbows and just love it! Traditional Archery Expert, John Wert and our President, Rob Kaufhold lead the crew on "Single-String" excursions to 3D Shoots, Bowhunts and Bowfishing outings.

Designed by Traditional Archers

Our own line of TradTech ILF Takedown Recurves designed specifically for the Traditional Archery community has been a huge success along with the popular and value-packed Samick Recurve and Longbows, especially the Sage TD Recurve at just $129. We stock the USA's largest selection of bows, arrows and accessories for the Tradtional Archer including bows from TradTech, Samick, Bear, Sky, PSE, Martin, Hoyt, BIG and Elk Ridge.

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