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Product Description
Product Description
Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with the new Backstrap release from Carter. Designed after the Evolution Series, this innovative resistance activated release is fired from pulling and not punching. This is a sure fire way to overcome buck fever and target panic.

The Back Strap is specially designed for wrist strap shooters providing even less torque then hand held release aids. For a full range of pulling weight the springs can be changed by using our unique Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.). With the Backstrap the trigger acts as a safety and not a firing pin. The safety is depressed during the draw cycle of the bow and then released at reaching full draw. Once in the valley relax the index finger off the safety and begin pulling and building pressure on the back wall of the cam until the release fires. For safely letting down the bow the trigger can again be depressed and held down while relaxing the bow to rest. This is the best concept for struggling archers that want to learn to push and pull until the shot fires.

The Backstrap is the perfect wrist strap style release for competitive target archers and hunters alike and It is sold with the popular Scott Archery Buckle Strap.

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