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Product Description
Product Description
• Precision 3” Travel Adjustment
• Stainless Steel ACME Lead Screw for Fast, Smooth Adjustment
• Elevation Click Adjustment of .002 with Locking System
• Scope Leveling Unit with Dual Locking Screws
• Micro-Adjust Windage Unit with .0025 Clicks
• Built-in 3rd Axis Adjustment
• Laser-Engraved Sight Scale
• Black Anodized Finish with Gray Anodized Components
• Available Right or Left Hand

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Customer Reviews

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Best sight for solid quality and strength Review by Chris

I love this sight.

The reason I love it is because the design is so simple and robust, yet the adjustability is on par with any other sight on the market. The sight is sooo easy to adjust and when set correctly it is rock solid and doesn't bump or vibrate out of alignment like some other brands I have previously owned.

The quality of construction is the best possible.

(Posted on 12/23/12)

THANK YOU CBE Review by Mad Surveyor

I've been shooting for 35 years.... My main target sight had been Sure-Loc for many years. However it always kind of bothered me to have to keep allen keys and other tools with me to keep it tight. I delt with it though because I loved the sight. It worked well even with it's small flaws. However this time around getting another target sight, I DID MY HOMEWORK.

I cut everything down to 3 different brands that were my top pick. Shibuya, Shure-Loc (again), and CBE. After having looked at all three infront of me on a counter and REALLY looking at them and all of there componants,... I found that the Shibuya had more plastic parts than I thought.
The primary elevation adjustment threading inside of the block is plastic. (My jaw kind of hit the counter seeing that) Yes, the machining is flawless on it, but plastic parts? Also the sight felt "dainty" or fragile? In my hand it just felt a little too light. Like if I bumped it, it would bend into a pretzel.

The Sure-Loc is a well built tank. Even if they HAVEN'T CHANGED anything in years. Yes,.. It has stickers for windage and such, but it's still a good sight. BUT... I thought back to keeping all those tools with me to keep my Sure-Loc intact while shooting in competition and I really didn't want to have to do that again.

The CBE sight however had everything I wanted in a sight, was built like a tank (so to speak) and also had flawless machined parts. No major plastic parts, or plastic bushings. After shooting with it for a couple of hours,.. I can tell you now. NOTHING came loose at all. Rock solid all the way. MONEY WELL SPENT.

Do yourself a favor. If your shopping for a target sight, find out what you think are your top picks, and have them laid out on a counter infront of you and really look at them. I'm not saying that CBE is the best, but I can tell you for sure after picking them all apart. It's the only brand I'll buy from now on.

Past indoor champion, MAD SURVEYOR... have a nice day....

(Posted on 4/10/12)

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