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Cranford EZY Climb Detachable Tree Step

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Item # 1910004

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Lighten your load and deter equipment theft.
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Product Description
Product Description
• One set of steps enables climbing numerous trees
• Remove steps as you descend to protect your equipment from theft
• Heavy 11 gauge steel construction
• Hot-forged/solid stainless steel riveted
• 2-1/2" EZY® self-tapping screw
• Step area length: 4"
• Upright height: 5"
• Weighs 9.1 ounces (with screw)
• Lag screw included

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product Buy these Review by Drew

Ive been having some theft issues on private property, so I bought these to help stop or deter theft of my hang on stands.

I bought 20 of these steps to get up high without having to stretch and and reach to climb up. 16 is enough to get up to a sufficient height in my books but I like going a little higher so 18-20 is perfect for me (I'm 5'9)

Ive since purchased an additional 80 bolts and hung 4 other stands on private and public property. (so far no thefts)

The lag bolts are super sharp and screw in within seconds. The steps are fairly large providing ample boot room for climbing up and down.

2 other buddies bought 20 of their own and hung there own stands. However seeing as they own the same steps we can now all share stands on different properties.

Buy a small fanny pack or small camo backpack w extra pockets to carry the steps in w the additional lag bolts in the separate pockets.

When done hunting you can detach them and take them with you so no one can climb up and get your gear.

If your coming back soon after then you can detach the bottom 6-8 steps and leave the remaining ones up.


20 steps are a little heavy to carry around but id rather carry the steps than show up in the dark to discover my ladder/or sticks have been stolen.

Steps in the dark either in the morning or at night are a bit noisy to set up or take down if your concerned with noise.

Bolts are extra shiny when first purchased so are pretty visble however after only a month they rust which is good for camo, but makes them a bit sticky to get the steps onto. so good and bad.

all I can say is that if your concerned with theft then these are the Ticket and you should buy a set right now. $90+ right now saves you heartache and headaches in the future which makes them priceless.

(Posted on 2/9/15)

great step if you have to worry about losing your stand Review by Pa hunter

If you need to worry about havibg someone walk off with your stand this is the ticket! Quickly installs in to the tree and if you buy extra lag screws than the overall cost will go down as you can use one set of steps with al your tree stand setups.

(Posted on 4/2/12)

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