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Doinker Universal STACK Weights (1x4-20)

SKU# 2920166


Item # 2920166

Catalog Page # 212

Doinker Universal STACK Weights (1x4-20)
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Product Description
Product Description
• Universal stack weights
• 1/4 x 20 thread
• 1-1/8" diameter
• Available sets:
Stainless / 4.2 oz.
Black / 4.2 oz.
Aluminum / 1.5 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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A different beast Review by 5CardBLAZE

I bought the 4.2oz bright Stainless finish.

The SIZE of this is a strange hybrid beast.
Diameter comes in @ 28.2mm, 1.11" (1-7/64") ( about 1-1/8" )
The Universal STACK Weights therefore are not a compatible look, next to 7/8" weights nor are they a compatible look, next to 1-1/4" weights.
Where the Doinker Universal STACK Weights shine is on the end of a 1" carbon diameter long rod!!!
[...] blends for a perfect compatible look, next to end socket/cap for 1" carbon tube.

I thought I was buying a solid lump of about 4oz plus set screw.
I guess I should've taken que from ``universal stack weightS`` in the name!!
That 'S' = two weights all told.
You get a single weight = 1.36oz
You get a double weight = 2.7oz
Both together, and you get about 4.1oz. Kick in the supplied stubby 1/4" x 20tpi grub screw, and you get just over 4.1oz all told.
IF YOU were to use a longer 1/4 x20tpi grub screw, full length, you'd come in @ precisely 4.2oz

So, with a single weight and a double weight, this Doinker item truly is UNIVERSAL [read flexible]!
If you have a 1" carbon tube long rod, switch to Universal weights now --- it'll look heaps better!

(Posted on 4/7/16)

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