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Drury 100% Wild Fair Chase Vol. 14 DVD

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Item # 2060095

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The latest installment, Volume 14, created for you!
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Product Description
Product Description
100% Wild 100% Fair Chase® is a principal that we live by here at Drury Outdoors. Something we felt so passionate about in the early years of our company that we decided to make it a mantra to live by in the woods. Now in our 25th year in business we felt it was time to dust off that old credo and reiterate a general principal that we hunted with from the onset.

100% Wild 100% Fair Chase®, always have and always will be, something to hang your hat on and to be quite proud of where it hangs – a trait not many producers have bragging rights to. This definitely tells you something about what is hidden within the person or persons, by allowing the sought after quarry to be on its own home court, so to speak. We have believed faithfully in total respect for God-given gifts so graciously sprinkled on Earth. We also rely heavily on our instincts or “gut feelings” in whom we associate with or bring aboard as a team member. We expect total dedication and total respect for the quarry that we seek, nothing else.

Run Time: 150 Minutes

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