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Easton Elite 4716 Double Roller Bow Case

SKU# 2070531


Item # 2070531

Catalog Page # 303

The last and only bow case you will ever need.
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Freight Notice: Due to the weight and/or dimensions of this product, an additional shipping charge of $21.00 will be applied for each unit ordered.
Easton Sports, Inc.
Product Description
Product Description
Never worry again about whether you’ve got everything you need for a tournament with the Easton Elite 4716 Double Roller Bow Case. This case will hold it all, including two bows. It’s got pockets upon pockets for all your bow accessories, arrows, releases, etc. And ample padding will keep it all safe.

• Two full-size target bow compatible
• Double-walled protection - composite armor shield + foam 360° exterior padding
• Case-cube compatible double fleece main compartment
• Double seatbelt system to securely anchor bows
• Padded internal divider blanket for layered storage
• Five interior accessory pockets, adjustable padded walls
• Three expanding outside luggage compartments
• Four exterior accessory pockets
• Triple field-replaceable roller bearing wheels
• The best YKK reverse coil double zipper pulls
• Dimensions: 47 L" x 16" W x 10" H
• Available in Pro Tour Black/Grey/Orange
• Airline Travel Cover recommended (sold separately)
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Customer Reviews

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Protective, light and organized transport storage for long compound bows. Review by Abraxus

I purchased this case for my 2015 Hoyt podium X elite 40 compound bow.
I use to have an Aurora HD Pro case and loved it for being light, durable and roomy.
When I set out to buy a new case for this Podium X Elite 40 bow, I searched for the same case and found Aurora had discontinued the case I originally had but then noticed Easton had one very similar to it. I like that Easton finally started making cases (such as this one) that fit long compound bows with attributes that target shooters need.


The case is very roomy and easily transported and allows you to bring everything with you. If you don’t like carrying it just roll it. That simple.
It has lots of organized compartments and everything in its place. I have not had it long enough to judge build quality but the case looks and feels high end.
I can say this...When you arrive somewhere other shooters are that haven't seen this case yet, you will get curious looks and some times people will approach you about it.
As far for its value, as long as this case holds up and protects my bow’s and other contents I will be content. So far so good.
A note to those that want to add extra covering and protection over there case for flight or transport.. There is an Easton 4716 Airline Travel Cover
(sold separately) that Easton has available for it.
Over all, I have nice gear that I want organized and protected. The case achieves that. I wanted a case that looked just as good as it performs.


The top handle (used when rolling the case) should be more firm and not loose to the pull. Otherwise acceptable and most will not care.
The Easton divider is more like a very thick blanket and not as durable and supportive as the Aurora HD Pro divider. You can buy the aurora divider ( a little short left to right but works) to add in combination or you can buy a thin sheet of dense/flexible foam (cut to size) to lay on top over the Easton divider if wanting more protection between two compound bows. This is the only design flaw that could be important to you, but easily fixed.
No long strap and the case dose not have back pack capability. However, when you consider the size and how much you may be putting in it, you may not want or need the strap or back pack ability and be fine with the trade out.
The only other thing I dislike is actually small, personal and not important to most. I wish the case stated “Easton Archery” Instead of just “Easton” so those that don’t know what the case is can know its archery related and not a hockey or other sports case as I am proud of the sport I represent and have no problem self advertising for a company that makes gear for my sport... Jmho.

Would I buy this case again or recommend it to others? Yes on both accounts.

Helpful tips if buying this case:

You might want the Easton 4716 Airline travel cover for further protection of the case.
You might want to add an a more protective aftermarket divider or dense foam in conjunction with the Easton divider If wanting better protection while separating two bows.
You will want or need to buy an arrow tube, Highly recommend.
If using the small compartments and concerned about your smaller items moving around (as they can and will), buy the Easton case cube Accessory Pockets or other small containment solutions from Plano or Aurora. You will be glad you did.

(Posted on 8/11/15)

Very Nice Case Review by Deany D Extreme

To let everyone Know Even Lancaster Archery I am very happy with my case, However I ordered the 4716 and when I got it in I was almost disappointed. The reason was that when I opened the box the case outside was not looking like the 4716 it looks just like the 4416 however when I opened the case the inside is built like the 4716 witch I wanted this was the only reason I did not return it. Just to let everyone that orders this case the outside may look like a different case but look inside before you panic. This may be for they are the same case but the inside is whats different.

(Posted on 5/24/15)

It has a LOT of space, but.... Review by Daniel J Larke

I'm going to Vegas in a couple weeks and I needed something to store my equipment and tools. The first case I got did not work. So I got this one believing it would have the space. If nothing else this case has room to spare with lots of pockets to organize stuff.

Now the but. Before heading out to Vegas, I wanted to do a trial run to my local range. Loaded everything in with lots of room to space. I have just used the case once and there are 3-4 strings from seams lose. One of them I had to cut because the lose string got stuck in a zipper. If this was a $100 case, I would say you get what you paid for. This is nearly a $279.99 with $25 over size shipping cost. So basically a $300 case. For the first trip out and not having it more than a week, the quality is poor. I really hope I don't find more lose strings after more trips.

I was thinking about getting a Easton backpack, not so sure if the quality is this poor.

(Posted on 1/25/15)

Totally worth it! Review by Joakim

This is amazing, this is what replaced my old aurora recurve backpack. At first i thought that the SKB case for compound was huge, but this is even bigger! It is huge. i can fit my spotting scope with stand and clothes for two weeks and don't have to push it together to close it. The interior pockets with padded walls is a great idea, but here it just don't work. When you close the bag you will turn the pockets upside down and the small stuff that you put in them will just go all over the place. After a while i found out that putting really small objects like sight pins and smaller tools in small plastic bags kept them on place. Your still want to put the large objects with the large objects and the other way. And the three wheel system actually works to my surprise to. You can drag this over bumpy gravel roads and pavements and it will not affect you. It does not come with an arrow-tube so if you don't have one i recommend buying one. and if your stabilizer is longer than 32" it will not fit in where it is supposed to be (Not that it will keep you from bringing it whit you, this is huge!). I really like that there is a large separate room for cloths and another one for your string and smaller objects. The weight on my case with all my bow equipment and spotting scope its 24,8kg and that means that i will have to pay extra on flights, and it is not the easiest thing to drag behind you in the middle of the city to take the train to the shooting range.The only thing that i don't like about it is that you don't get something to put around it when traveling on planes. i already got a black spot on the bright orange color, but that might just be me. I still totally recommend this!

(Posted on 5/26/14)

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