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Easton XX75 Jazz Arrow Shaft

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Item # 2070103

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Easton Sports, Inc.

Product Description
Product Description
• Specifically designed for youth and beginning archers
• Features a standard nock taper (1214 accepts a G Nock)
• Ideal shaft for lower poundage bows
• Tough 7075 aluminum alloy
• Finished in a hard-anodized, deep purple with silver graphics
• Straightness: ± .005"
• Weight Tolerance: ± 2.0 grains

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Customer Reviews

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My first dozen arrows...I'm amazed 6 are still alive!!! Review by Stu Bobb

Yeah, so I took up archery last spring. Picked up a 30# Sage and dozen Jazz 1816's with the factory vanes. I have been shooting at least four afternoons every week.
This is an awesome hobby/sport! I'm having a great time learning to shoot but I totally abused these poor arrows. They are survivors, but they simply can't stand up to being shot into 1 1/2" steel pipes, LOL. Not on purpose, sometimes I just kinda missed the target and hit the pipes that support them.
Even then, they still survived, except for two. One of those is somewhere in the adjacent woods, the other took on an 'S' shape after a particularly nasty pipe impact.
Four were bent at the tip and popped the nocks. Those four were cut down to 26", re-tipped, nocked and are now in my daughter's quiver.
The remaining 6 are still in use. I removed the cheesy vanes, added a bright color wrap on the back 7", installed 4" helical feathers and Bohning 125g points.
Wow, these guys fly really well now! They have been relegated to the old Bear 'guest bow'.
Also, try the black version, called 'Tribute'. Same shaft, nice black anodized finish, neet book/movie reference.
I assembled a dozen of those also in 1816, for my girlfriend, who now shoots the Sage. She totally loves them.
I have since graduated to a better bow and shoot yet another Easton product, the Platinum Plus shafts. I'm very happy with those too.

(Posted on 9/19/14)

Break and Bend too easily... Review by Robin

I was disappointed with these arrows as with the first target practice is my backyard a nock came off and two arrows bent at a good 30 degree angle. Fletchings come off very easily. All 6 of mine are missing at least one fletching and now three of them have had their nocks broken off. All of this is from backyard target practice and I'm pretty disappointed in how easily they broke with all components and now are all bent.

(Posted on 10/8/12)

xx75 shafts...jazz Review by terry

All xx75 shafts have proven themselves to me over the years. I buy jazz shafts for my daughters bows. High quality, durable shaft, priced right!

(Posted on 7/12/11)

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