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Product Description
Major advanced specification of Aerovane III:
• 10mm in height or 29% shorter than Aerovane II.
• Weighs only about 5.18 grains, 30% lighter than Aerovane II.
• Advanced air flow base texture zoning instead of vertical texture zone.
• 4 different texture zones 0.0402mm, 0.0201mm, 0.0150mm and 0.0005mm.
• Incorporates a winglet to improve the aerodynamics and reduce induced drag.
• Larger total airfoil surface area to compensate shorter height so that Aerovane III can have the same total lift and corresponding spin torque as Aerovane II.
• AEM factor which is nearly 350% higher than that of Aerovane II, i.e. when the arrow with Aerovane is turning, the frontal section of Aerovane will bend towards the rotation while the tail section will bend away from the rotation which results in the angle of attack of the wing being at the most efficient angle based on speed. This is further enhanced by the IZOD factor of the plastic to make AEM at its best.
• Uses the same aspect ratio of the delta wing frontal area to reduce sound in flight.
• Close to 30% reduction in crosswind which gives Aerovane III a much better ability to treat crosswind. Arrow with Aerovane III should be able to hit a target under 35 mph crosswind at 35 yards with archery projectile at 320 fps as compared with Aerovane II under 25 mph crosswind at 35 yards with the same projectile.
• Can be fletched with all versions of Aerovane jig and Aerovane clamp due to the wide internal opening width of Aerovane clamp.
• Aerovane III will have an even higher broadhead requirement than Aerovane II due to Aerovane III having a much higher rotational lift (spin rate) than Aerovane II.
• Works best from 280 fps and up when fletched straight.
• Sold in packs of 18

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Follow-up on previous review Review by DONALD A. CORWIN

Using the remaining shafts that have all of their vanes intact, I put the Gold Tips with the remaining Aerovane III through their paces on a total of 3 compounds ranging from 50-60#. Two of the bows had AAE Pro Blade target rests and my primary target bow; a 2013 PSE Dominator Max 60# which has a Hamskea Versa-Rest limb driver with their Hurricane blade. All bows are fully tuned for the GT shafts and are timed correctly. The shafts did not seem to like the Dominator with the drop-away rest but performed perfectly off a lower poundage Supra 3D bow with a diving board. Groups were tight enough to destroy several of the remaining Aerovanes and cut the wraps on the shafts. They performed better (for me) on my 3D shafts and 3D bow. Given that. I will order enough to refletch the same shafts and keep experimenting. For the right bow setup and usage I think they can be very promising and I am comparing them on another dozen GT shafts against 50mm Hard XsWings both for 3D & outdoor target shooting.

(Posted on 11/3/13)

Aerovane III Review by Don

Bought these as an experiment for my 3D & Field shafts (Gold Tip UltraLite Pros). Made a temporary modification to my fletching clamp to allow space for the winglet by taping a teriyaki skewer inside the rear clamp blade. They fletch easily and seat very cleanly. I was however disappointed to find that I was 1 vane short in one of the packs I ordered which meant that I couldn't fletch my last shaft. I was pleased to see that they were moulded from fairly rigid plastic material unlike flimsy mylar spinwings. They obviously put a lot of thought into the design however, when shooting these vanes at 45 degrees the plastic becomes brittle and cannot take an arrow hit if your groups are tight. Any vane that was struck by an arrow or another vane simply shatters into pieces, making the shaft unshootable until completely refletched unlike many conventional plastic vanes that simply tear and can be trimmed before shooting it again. That makes the Aerovane III even more expensive. It costs about $26 to fletch a dozen shafts and you should probably have another pack on hand for repairs. There are other spinwing fletching choices out there that are far more economical. The other thing I noticed on the packaging was that it stated that they were designed in the USA but the vanes are manufactured in China.

(Posted on 10/28/13)

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