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Goat Tuff GT Arrow Fletcher

SKU# 4420017


Item # 4420017

Catalog Page # 107

Fletch 12 arrows in under 20 minutes!
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Goat Tuff
Product Description
Product Description
• Compact, easy to use fletching tool designed with ‘True Contact Design’™ (TCD)
• Unique design concept ensures the shaft and vane mate together completely, consistently and accurately every time for a maximum bond regardless of the helical desired or the shaft size
• Designed to work with most glues, vanes and arrow shafts however, for optimal performance, the fast drying Cyanoacrylate glues such as those offered by Goat Tuff Products are recommended
• The GT Arrow Fletcher comes with:
1 Base with 2 V-Blocks
1 Three fletch indexer
1 Four fletch indexer
2 Lock Down Clips (Holds shaft in gluing position)
4 Vane Nests (½ degree, 1 degree, 2 degree, and 3 degree)
a. ½ degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4” long. Also recommended for most crossbow arrows
b. 1 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4“ long
c. 2 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 3.25” long
d. 3 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 2.25” long

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Customer Reviews

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Great if you know the trick Review by denbow

Had a problem with glue build up as mentioned above. I put a piece of teflon tape that Bohning uses on there fletching jig, the excess glue wipes right off and this fletching jigs now works great. I really like it for repairs, when i need to replace just one vane.

(Posted on 2/16/15)

Don't waste your time Review by CB

I can see how someone thought this was a good idea, but it doesn't work well enough. The problem is that if you get the slightest bit of run-off from your glue, it WILL get into the slot where the vanes are supposed to go, so you will end up with a little glue on your vanes(honestly this thing would be impossible to use with feathers considering the glue problem).

Maybe if the holder for the vane was upside down, so gravity didn't cause the slightest bit of glue to run into the slot it'd be fine. But after a dozen arrows I had to toss a half dozen vanes, re-do probably 4-5 since they came off when I had to peel the holder off of the arrow. You could just clean it off between vanes, but then you'll be taking even longer to fletch your arrows.

Then there's the indexing bit. It was a little large for my nocks, so the thing was always wanting to turn at a slight angle, which has a small effect on how the shaft sits, meaning if it's slightly crooked your vane is going to end up slightly mislaigned.

Considering the headache this thing gave me, I'd have been better off just ponying up the cash for a Bitzenburger.

(Posted on 1/26/15)

Does not work with narrow based vanes Review by Paul Riss

Using Flex-Fletch FFP-225's the holder is oversized so the vane sits down in the recess and the edges of the holder are exposed. Any glue that squeezes out has nowhere to go but on the holder. Which means the holder has to get peeled from the vane and arrow. Total failure and wasted vanes.

(Posted on 8/17/14)

good with one gripe Review by Wayne

This is my second fletcher and I like it better than what I was using. It is easy to use and seems sturdy. The only gripe is that the 3 vane indexer orients the cock vane horizontal so you have to fletch the arrow then rotate the nock 90 degrees before shooting.

(Posted on 8/2/14)

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