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Hoyt Faktor 34 Compound Bow

Product Description
Product Description
• In the hunt, there's always one Faktor that changes everything
• An engineering triumph designed for blistering speed, ultimate strength and vibration-killing smoothness
• Features Hoyt's most advanced technologies and innovation
• TEC Lite - Lightest, strongest and most fluid aluminum riser design to date
• Z5 Cam & 1/2 - Engineered for a comfortable draw cycle, forgiving shot and deadly speed
• Shock Rod Technology - Strategically placed Shock Rod dampers in the riser eliminate excess noise and vibration for shot silence
• Air Shox - Proven limb suppression system absolutely kills noise and vibration without robbing speed and efficiency
• Axle to Axle: 34"
• ATA Speed: 330 fps
• Brace Height: 6-3/4"
• Mass Weight: 4 lbs.
• Draw Length: 25" to 31"
• Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs.
• Standard Hunting Color Options: Realtree Xtra™, Realtree Max-1®, Black Out
• Custom Hunting Color and Target Color options available

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Make sure you at least try this bow... Review by Waffles

I purchased a Faktor 34 after trying many models from many different manufacturers. I have to tell you that I typically buy 70# bows and back them off to 62 - 63#. The Faktor I was shooting had 65# limbs on it and #3, Z5 cams with 30" draw mods. I drew it back like it was set at 55 lbs... Took a few shots and boy was it smooth. I held it on target with ease and had an extremely small float pattern. The valley and back wall were nice and it wasn't jumpy at all. I let it down a couple times and it didn't try to rip my arm off. A very plesent bow to shoot. After a dozen or so shots and without looking I asked the tech to bump up the draw weight some. He looked at me and said he didn't have a 70lb Faktor 34 currently in stock. At this point I questioned what he was talking about and he held up the bow and showed me the limbs were nailed down already. I questioned the actual draw weight of the bow so he hung it from the scale and gave a pull. 67 lbs!!!
He packed it up for me right there....

(Posted on 8/22/14)

Not just for hunting anymore. Review by Lightweight

While the Faktor is sold mostly as a hunters bow my wife and myself are target shooters, not league stuff, just shooting against ourselves for therapy. We decided for X-Mass 2013 that we would get new bows since ours were 10 & 25 years old. We searched and researched and many "pro" shops tried to sell us strictly the target line of Hoyt. One awesome couple took the time to listen to what we were searching for in our bows and suggested the Faktor 34 for myself, (I am 6'4") and the 30 for my wife. I went with red fusion and she with orange, no one else said we could have other than camo unless we bought a target bow. We ordered our bows, decided on rests and pin sights, (yep-pin sights on target bows!) and once the bows and new arrows were all in and together the stabilizer trials began. We both have serious back problems so the draw weights are 40 on both bows, tailored of course during set up. We are still dialing in but this is the smoothest bow I have ever shot. My previous was also a Hoyt and we tried Mathews, PSE, other Hoyts and so on before settling on the FAKTOR 34 & FAKTOR 30. My back problems come with nerve burn and shaking hands but I leave the range with a smile every time we shoot. The whole set up involves much more than just the bow but try the FAKTOR 34, you will not be disappointed. You target shooters out there, your missing out if you don't explore. Of all the bows I looked at, held, shot, etc. I would pick the FAKTOR 34 over any.

(Posted on 8/1/14)

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