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Hoyt Ignite Compound Bow (Custom Target Colors)

SKU# 2560590


Item # 2560590

Manufacturer Policy: This product is not available for sale online. Please visit the Lancaster Archery Store and Pro Shop to purchase this product in person.

Product Description
Product Description
• Let your archery passion catch fire with Ignite
• The perfect bow for the growing bowhunter, packed with features to start them right, shoot their best and keep up as they grow
• Hoyt reliability, low-torgue grip, TEC riser and split limb technology
• Ultimate draw length adjustment, fits bowhunters of all ages and sizes
• Ultimate draw weight adjustment, will match your strength and shooting needs in the field and on the range
• Axle to Axle: 28"
• ATA Speed: 300 fps
• Brace Height: 8"
• Mass Weight: 3.6 lbs.
• Draw Length: 19" to 30"
• Draw Weight: 15-70 lbs.
• Custom Target Color Powdercoat Options: Red, Blue, Black, White, Pink

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Great bow...however Review by Terri

I bought this bow as my first ever bow as I just started with an interest in target shooting. I was renting recurves and decided I wanted to shoot compound. This is a great bow that I can see myself growing into. The however part is that at home I was showing my roommate the bow and I drew it back, did not dry fire it only drew it back and the string popped off. Hopefully is was from something I did wrong (I don't think so though) or it was not completely set up properly. I will find out when I have it repaired. Otherwise. The little time I shot with it after my initial purchase, I truly think it is a wonderful bow.
I will raise my quality score if the string issue was just a small malfunction.

(Posted on 10/12/15)

Quality+Price+Flexibility Review by Tropikbird

I haven't shot a bow (recurve) since my college days, which was sometime back, so the unique muscles I needed for drawing a bow were no longer as developed as they'd once been. I picked up this bow and started shooting regularly, and within three weeks my strength and draw weight had increased exponentially. To top it off, this Ignite is a nearly silent, accurate bow, and to boot the short ATA makes it a joy to shoot from a ground blind.

(Posted on 3/12/15)

Very good buy! Review by Eric

Bought this the 2015 Hoyt Ignite Package for my 8 years old daughter, the 2015 Hoyt Rockus Jr. for my 5 years old daughter and the 2015 Hoyt Carbon Spider XT 30 for me…
The 2015 Hoyt Ignite Package out of the box is a very good bow and compare 2015 Hoyt Carbon Spider XT 30 feeling. My 8 yrs old daughter loves her bow and shoot every day with it.

(Posted on 1/20/15)

never going back to recurve Review by benjamin mou

I recently picked this up as my first compound

-Bench-less adjustment
-#15-70 weight, making it easy to grow with
[email protected]" draw length (^^)
-LIFETIME Hoyt warranty
-only 300$ (350 for custom color and 450 for bone collector edition)
-standard Hoyt pro-fit grip (Hoyt's universal compound grip)
-almost no vibration
-pretty silent out-of-box

-non-sealed cam bearings means you have to lube it every now and then
-no string stop mounting hole (then again its almost vibration-less and silent out of box)

Notes: (either something not worth putting as a pro/con or a pro to some and con to others)
-this bow is EXTREMELY light
-bows bought online have NO warranty(in shop only)
-Hoyt likes to give free stuff, my bow came with a window decal, cap, and a keychain
-Hoyts TEC riser just looks good

(Posted on 6/1/14)

Not a bad first bow Review by J.R.

I got this bow as a beginner having never touched a compound bow before in my life. What really sold me on this was the fact that it's highly adjustable with only a set of hex keys. No bow press required. I've been able to adjust the weight as I get used to pulling more and more poundage, and have been pleasantly surprised at this bow's accuracy. It is worth knowing that this bow does not have a mount for a string stop if you should decide to add one later. There are a few stops out there that can mount on the front with the stabilizer, I picked up one by LimbSaver that works well. I'll be out hunting with this bow come fall, and I'd call it a solid investment for the first timer.

(Posted on 5/19/14)

Excellent Review by Tox

I purchased this bow for my wife because she had a back and shoulder injury which limited her to shoot low poundage until she could get back to the 52lbs she was before the car accident. This is a great bow for both young, young women and/or a trainer bow to get people back to what they were before an injury. Thus far my wife has fallen in love with it and was quickly going up in her poundage. She intended to pass this down to our son when she was finished with but she had now decided to set it up for hunting instead and we purchased our son a new one. I would recommend this bow to either beginners, youth, young women, or anyone wanting to regain their strength.

(Posted on 3/7/14)

the best for young archers Review by the beast

The powerful technical easily understandable bow for a young shooter .
i thank Hoyt archery for releasing this product.

(Posted on 1/29/14)

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