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JBN Body Fuel Elite Dietary Supplement Single Serve Packets

Product Description
Product Description
Just be Natural / EPN Body Fuel Elite is a delicious pre-training/competition body fuel expertly formulated with a proportionally balanced blend of performance nutrients that supports the production, use and sustenance of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). It is specially designed to help enable the moderate to extreme endurance athlete achieve higher fitness and performance potentials.

It is vital that about 30 minutes before exercise, you power up so you'll have the energy and get out of the starting gate strong and have the endurance and stamina needed to finish first. This elite proprietary formula, in a blend of a specially formulated, hi-glycemic carbohydrates that provides a powerful, non-bloating nutrient base designed to be quickly synthesized into the fuel you'll need, contains key nutrients to intensify the three most important components for performing well and not being slowed down by dehydration, cramping and fatigue.

1. Strength

CreaPURE is a fast metabolizing, buffered form of creatine without the bloating and dehydration many experience with the monohydrate form. Creatine is widely known for it's positive affect on muscle strength and power by replenishing muscle ATP stores and availablity to fuel the working muscles and enable them to work harder before becoming fatigued. What make it better from the monohydrate version is that it does not require the 10-20 gram dosages and the massive amounts of water needed for metabolization into the desired strength, endurance and muscle building results. No loading or cycling off and on is required either. Basically, Kre-Alkalyn is very potent with only a fraction of the dosage.

Arginine AKG (Alpha-KetoGlutarate) Much of L-arginine AKG's effectiveness comes by way of increasing the body’s release of nitric oxide (NO2). This causes blood vessels to expand (vasodilation). More oxygen & nutrient rich blood can flow to every part of the body to help increase strength, power and acuity, During an intense workout, your body begins to release Nitric Oxide, a naturally produced molecular substance that is the body's signaling mechanism to expand the diameter of blood vessels. This in turn improves oxygenation and increases blood flow to all muscle tissue. Called Vasodilation- it has been found that the more oxygen-rich blood reaches the muscles, the more power, strength, and endurance you can achieve. Vasodilation also enhances the process of Myodialation (enlargement of muscle tissue). Now this blood and oxygen rich muscle tissue can remain pumped up in its post-workout condition longer so you can achieve the best work out possible.

2. Energy

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that helps in the metabolization of nutrients into glucose that elementally fuels our body. When glucose levels decline (known as hypoglycemia), remaining stores of glutamine are converted quickly into more glucose. If glutamine levels drop too low, then the body will start breaking down lean muscle tissue to get the fuel it needs to function, especially after exercise when the body needs adequate fuel supplies to start the repair and recovery process. Glutamine also plays a significant role in maintaining the permeability of intestinal walls to increase nutrient absorption and usage.

B-Complex Vitamins Along with L-Glutamine, Elite Fuel's balanced formulation of B-Vitamins work synergistically to aid in the efficient metabolism and use of dietary carbohydrates, fats and proteins need to fuel your entire body. Other benefits of B-Vitamins include nervous system regulation, joint and connective tissue maintenance and repair, and powerful free radical elimination.

3. Endurance

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are a unique group of three amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) that, once metabolized can either be used to build new proteins or be burned as fuel to produce anaerobic fuel for anaerobic and endurance athletes. What makes BCAA's superior after is that they are metabolized directly in the muscle tissue and can be more immediately used for the fuel making process, rather than broken down in the liver and then transported to the muscle to start working. BCAA's also aid in the detoxification and neutralization of waste products like ammonia during and after exercise to help reduce cramping, fatigue and shortened endurance capacities.

Beta Alanine When ATP starts breaking down during vigorous exercise, lactic acid forms from an excess hydrogen ions as a waste material. The resulting toxins cause our pH levels to drop and create a more acidic environment. The more of this material that builds up, the more chance you have for endurance diminishing fatigue, cramping and even loss of focus and acuity due to the energy that is used to neutralize these toxins. Beta-alanine helps buffer and neutralize these ions, gently detoxifiying your body and returning your pH levels to a more neutral state.

The breakdown of ATP and the subsequent rise in H+ concentrations occur in all of our energy systems but H+ buildup is most prevalent in an energy system called glycolysis, which also produces lactic acid. At physiological pH, lactic acid dissociates H+ and is the primary source of released H+ ions during exercise, causing pH to drop. Many athletes may feel a moderate to intense "tingle" or "flush" after taking Beta-Alanine due to the furthering release of nitric acid release and resulting vasodilation as explained in the Arginine AKG description above.

• Elite blend of L-Glutamine, CarnoSyn™ Beta Alanine, CreaPURE® Creatine and L-Arginine
• Added BCAA for strength
• Propriety vitamin, mineral and antioxidant blend
• NO aspartame | NO taurine
• Gluten Free

Product Size: 31g
Servings per container: 1

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