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JBN Krank'd Radical Fuel Dietary Supplement

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Item # 9240006

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Product Description
Product Description
Just be Natural Krank’d Radical Fuel contains a blend of magnesium and calcium lactates designed to help neutralize and eliminate lactic acid build-up during vigorous exercise. When your body burns fuel, the waste product in the form of lactic acid causes your pH to drop, resulting in an acidic environment. This can quickly lead to cramping, fatigue and tissue damage. Radical Fuel also contains a blend of C, D and E vitamins that help transport and maintain magnesium and calcium stores to aid coordination and reflexes while preventing tissue damage from oxidization.

This custom blend of Lactate Powered Fuel contains:

Vitamin D-3 - helps maintain insulin sensitivity for improved fuel metabolization, calcium balance, and can aid in the facilitation of cellular differentiation. It may also help boost immune system function, and regulate blood pressure already within the normal range

Vitamin E - may assist in tissue repair and the prevention of cellular damage through inhibition of lipids and the formation of free radicals. It is also being studied for it's effectiveness in the reduction of post-exercise leg cramping.

Vitamin C - helps play a role in over 300 of your body’s metabolic functions including tissue growth, repair and adrenal gland functionality.

Calcium - helps muscular growth and contraction, the maintenance of a regular heartbeat, and the transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium may help in the prevention of muscle cramping and fatigue.

Magnesium - helps activate enzymes involved in energy production systems on a cellular level. It also helps facilitate Calcium and Potassium uptake that can help facilitate the repair and recovery process.

Lactate - helps prevent the buildup of excess lactic acid, the waste materials the body produces when glycogen is burned as fuel, by stabilizing pH levels in the blood. The acidic environment that is created during this removal process of the lactic is thought to be the actual cause of soreness and fatigue.

Radical Fuel helps to:
• Eliminate lactic acid build-up
• Balance pH levels
• Improve muscular coordination and reflexes
• Expedite repair and recovery time

Product Size: 213g (Unflavored) 288g (Cherry Limeade)
Servings per container: 100

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