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Product Description
Product Description
Just be Natural L-Glutamine helps to:

• Promote functional energy production
• Enhance nutrient absorption
• Attain a positive nitrogen balance
• Improve waste and toxin removal

L-GLUTAMINE is one of twenty amino acids that make up proteins. It makes up 67% of our tissue and comprises 60% of the amino acids in the body and is the major metabolizer for others. Depletion of L-Glutamine can result from severe stress, intense workouts, injuries or trauma, and may lead to higher incidences immune dysfunction, intestinal problems, mental impairment, lethargy and loss of muscle mass.

L-Glutamine has multiple functions:

Energy production - L-Glutamine helps in the metabolization of food into glucose that fuels our body. When glucose stores get low (hypoglycemia), glutamine stores are synthesized by the liver for the formation more glucose. If glutamine levels drop, then the body will start breaking down lean muscle tissue to get the fuel it needs to function and start the repair and recovery process.

Nitrogen balance - Achieving a positive nitrogen balance indicates that your body has retained adequate protein stores to provide sufficient functional energy needed to maintain your metabolism. Since the amino acids derived from proteins are the only source of dietary nitrogen, it is important to consume and retain adequate amounts. Glutamine can contribute up to 30% of that nitrogen transported to cells. If your nitrogen levels fall below the balance point, you're are not retaining enough protein. At this point, your body will start to consume muscle tissue to stabilize your metabolism. This can contribute to lethargy, illness, and loss of mental focus.

Nutrient absorption and waste removal – Glutamine may play a significant role in retaining the permeability of intestinal tissues to increase nutrient absorption. It can also help in the neutralization and elimination of cramp and fatigue causing toxins and cleansing the liver of the waste products that can prevent fatty build-up.

Glutamine’s other benefits may include assisting on the egulation of the body’s pH (acid and alkalinity) evels, maintaining cell ular hydration and the promotion of weight loss and body fat burning.

Flavor: Vanilla
Product Size: 500g
Servings per container: 100

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