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LP Archery Company Dyna Torq Stabilizer Riser Bar

Product Description
Product Description
• The Dyna Torq, TM is an Accessory to Your Stabilizer System Providing Profound Effects
• Mounts to the Bow at the Main Stabilizer Bushing on the Riser using a V-Bar Adapter and
is Aligned Vertically Towards the Arrow Shelf. When Attached, the Dyna Torq, TM Projects
Towards the Target
• Combine with a Doinker, TM with 1 or More Weights, or a Shock Eater to Provide Inertia,
Stabilizer Enhancement, Shock Absorption, and Torque Reduction
• Location, Location, Location is the Key to the Success of the Dyna Torq, TM
• The Doinker, TM or Shock Eater is Inserted into the Upper Bushing of the Dyna Torq, TM
at the Crucial Point Directly Opposite the Pivot Point of the Bow Grip. This Design
Significantly Reduces Bow Hand Torque
• Upon Release, Bow Control is More Enhanced, Consistent, Controlled, and Predictable
• 5" Length; Weighs 3oz.

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