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Product Description
Product Description
• CNC Machined Riser with Quad VEM (vibration escape modules)
• Fury XT Single Cam - Super fast, crazy adjustable and smoothest ever designed
• Power Tough Limbs - New hinge profile is designed to allow a heavy load to be dispersed over a greater area, heavy duty fork ensures stability
• Roto Cup - Pivoting limb system secures and aligns the limb with precision fit
• Integrated VEM Silencing Arrow Shelf - Dampening material extends fully across the shelf eliminating noise
• Carbon Fiber STS - Lightweight, rigid carbon fiber String Suppressing System
• Saddleback Thermal Grip - Reduces torque and provides thermal protection
• Hammerhead Strings - BCY Trophy material crafted by a top secret process create the best strings on the market
• Axle to Axle: 31"
• IBO Speed: 320-330 fps
• Brace Height: 7"
• Let Off: 80% (adjustable)
• Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs.
• Draw Length Range: 24-30.5"
• Peak Draw Weight: 60, 70 lbs.
• NEXT G1 Vista Camo

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I love this bow, this is my 7th compound bow over the years, lots of years. Review by krismo

This bow has absolutely no kick and shoots excellent. I have the carbon fiber look with lime green add-on and It's an eye catcher, people love it.
I put a react, 5 pin sight and a Octane Balance X Stabilizer on it.

I was 6th in our club shoot a few weeks ago, four of the people above me had magnifiers on there sights. This bow shot straight and accurate. It is also priced vary well and you get a lot of bow for the money. My brother got 5th, same bow, single pin sight.

I feel it's the best bow by far in this price range. If your on a limited budget, this bow is a $1200 bow at a under $500 price. And it's made in America... plus Martin has been around since the beginning of time, or so it seems. Excellent customer service..

(Posted on 1/10/14)

Bow Review by Hunter

It great bow I hunted with a pse for 10 big mistake this bow is great for bow hunting I hunted elk moose deer and bear with I Its great

(Posted on 12/8/13)

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