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Martin Blade X4 Compound Bow

SKU# 3080118


Item # 3080118

Never has a value bow combined performance, speed and durability like this before.
Full Description
This item is no longer available.

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Product Description
Product Description
• Combines great looks, solid reliability and cut-throat speed
• Boasts the durability you need with all the smoothness and stability you deserve
• Axle to Axle: 31.5"
• IBO Speed: 320 fps
• Brace Height: 7"
• Let Off: 80%
• Mass Weight: 3.75 lbs.
• Draw Length: 26-32"
• Peak Draw Weight: 70 lbs.
• Finish: Mossy Oak Infinity

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Bad cam design Review by Adam

Recently bought the martin blade and had heaps of cable wear. Before finding out that the draw stop had to be shortened to stop this.
Overall it's a great bow for the price, but beware of the Fury XT cam, keep the draw stop as low as possible too reduce cable wear.

(Posted on 5/27/15)

great except for one thing Review by Disappointed

I love everything about this Bow except the draw cam, it has a very badly designed cam, the reason is that it has damaged 2 bus strings so far in about 500 shots; what happens is the cam
Only has one side to it it uses the fury main cam as the other side and on each draw proceeds to jamm the bus string in the gap. This natural draw tensing instead of being applied to the cam bolts and position pegs in a shear pressure is now applying tension pressure, as in forcing the two cams apart thus putting treasonous pressure on the small bolt and Aluminum thed. It needs to be designed in a full half groove, (not the 1/4 groove it is), and then pressure will then be in shear against the pegs and OK, I'm sure this is what the designers wanted but they perhaps tried to cut a corner here? Or maybe they were afraid of serving pinch on a half groove and a quarter would avoid it? Everything else is a pleasure, but unless you can build your own strings or don't mind the replacement buy the Bow. I should add that my cam is now striped of one of its possible threaded holes and I need a replacement and am about to talk to Martin.

(Posted on 1/9/15)

Have to keep your eyes on it. Review by Perry

I had one of these and the module on the lower cam chewed up the cable. Got it replaced and it did the same thing. It has a sharp edge that tears up the lower cable so beware if you buy one.

(Posted on 8/29/14)

Great bow, advanced engineering and well made. Finish is not durable. Review by Twisted_Pair

I got this bow as a warranty replacement for my Martin Fury. My wife shoots a Martin Phantom so we are familiar with Martin products.
Martin always seems to be in the shadows, even when they have cutting edge winners. This is no exception. It's a fast, quiet and stable bow (doesn't move after the shot). It's very well made and well engineered with great adjustability and options.
The problems I have are:
1. The finish is poorly applied, soft and easily damaged, scratched, marred and etc and the finish is NOT covered by Martin warranty.
2. This bow does not respond well to certain rests - while this is true of any bow; none as much as the Blade X4. I had the brand new NAP capture rest and the arrows would kick out of this bow no matter what I did - I could not tune this bow with that rest. With a Topoint whisker biscuit or Alien fall-away it works great.
It's also worth mentioning that even though the manual strictly forbids the string stop from touching the string or forcing it back - this bow shipped with the stop pushing my string back over 1/4" without further adjustment. I have to remove it and cut 1/2" off the end in order to comply with the book.
All in all a great bow backed by Martin's awesome warranty and a real accurate bow with enough speed to take down game or fill the spot in target shoots.

(Posted on 3/24/14)

great bow! Review by jake toler

I bought this bow because it caught my eye at my local sporting goods store.
Now that i've had it for a little over 2 months i can honestly say that it
Is phenomenal. Absolutely 100% great bow. I recommend it for anyone.

(Posted on 3/4/14)

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