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NAP Quicktune Freedom Arrow Rest (RH Only)

SKU# 3320111


Item # 3320111

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Product Description
Product Description
• Drop Away Rest that Requires no Strings or Complicated Set Up
• Features a Full Capture to Keep Your Arrow in its Place
No Matter What the Angle of Your Bow
• In Addition This is the First Full Containment Cordless Drop Away
Rest That Can be Let Down with the Rest Staying in the
Upright Position
• Available RH Only

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Customer Reviews

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Good idea, inconsistent performance Review by Jason

Purchased this rest for hunting and 3D because of the cordless drop-away design and full containment features at the price point. The rest is easy to set up since no cords are needed and it allows you to let down while maintaining full containment of the arrow. Sounds pretty good but I found performance to be inconsistent, especially in any kind of inclement weather. The drop-away function of the rest utilizes a quick forward motion of the arrow as it slides along the red silicone friction strips upon the shot. If the arrow is wet due to rain or snow, it reduces friction and the rest fails to drop. I have also had the rest fail to drop on more than one occasion while testing it at the local range. It seems my Gold Tip arrows collect a bit of residue from the foam target butts and that thin coating on the shaft is enough to reduce friction with the strips. Perhaps aluminum arrows might work better. The plastic prongs that provide the full containment are the rest's weakest component as they tend to get mangled and can snap off in the event of a failed drop. The tip of the left prong snapped off after the third failed drop while testing at the range.
In my opinion, not one of NAP's better arrow rests, but I think the cordless drop-away, full containment design is a good idea, just a bit too finicky to be consistent.

(Posted on 11/21/12)

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