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Pheasant Hunting with a Bow DVD by Ron VanderHeiden

Product Description
Product Description
• This exciting video captures the heart pounding experience of hunting pheasant with a bow. Using high-definition cameras, and super slow-motion equipment, the producers make you feel like you're on the hunt with them!

• Not only does this DVD feature exciting pheasant hunting footage,and strategies for taking pheasant with a bow, but it also covers great how-to info, including...
- Shooting Aerial Targets
- Dog safety and proper dog use on a hunt
- Specialized equipment
- How to maximize your time and comfort on your next hunt

• In addition to thrilling hunting action and tips, you'll enjoy the bonus videos, "How to Cook Pheasant" and "Fletching Your Own Arrows". Master hunter and chef, Bob Akers, will take you into the kitchen and show you detailed, step-by-step instructions of how to prepare and cook your bird. Plus, you'll learn how to build your own flu-flu arrows from scratch.

• Run Time: Approximately 56 minutes

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