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Pilla Magneto A Performance Eyewear (4 Lens Kit)

Pilla Performance Eyewear
Product Description
Designed in tandem with Braden Gellenthien and Martin Damsbo. The only frame and lens system in the world specifically designed by Archers for Archers.

The functionality of the system is to provide the archer with optimal visual registration of the target, while managing light to allow the eye to relax and focus. Pilla has created a variety of frame geometries with no nose piece, offering the shooter no visual obstruction through the nasal part of the glasses. This is critical for archers who, until now, have had to remove their sunglasses, even when shooting in bright conditions, because of frame and nose obstruction.
When an archer has to remove their eyewear to shoot, the eye is shocked and this sudden change in light adversely affects the eyes ability to remain relaxed and focused. The use of an optically correct lens system designed for sunny and low light conditions provides an efficient piece of equipment to manage the performance of the most critical element of your equipment. Your eye.

Magneto A Frame
• Unique, cutting-edge frame design
• Surgical steel fused with titanium, making it ultra-lightweight and durable
• Lenses slide on and off using neodymium magnets, the Magneto boasts the fastest and easiest lens changing system available anywhere
• Combined with it’s unique filtrations, this set gives the athlete an unfair advantage and is sure to be the last pair of glasses you’ll ever want to buy
• Packaged with 4 VIVX lenses to cover almost any lighting condition (*2 of which are only available for this frame)
• 22ED - Enhanced Definition* lens is perfect for very bright conditions with stray light and reflective surfaces such as water and sand
• 42ED - Enhanced Definition, the standard outdoor lens, is 20% brighter and perfect for sunny days
• 58HC - High Contrast* lens can be used for cloudy and rainy days, cuts through fog
• 78ED - Enhanced Definition, sometimes referred to as the light bulb lens because it gives the impression of putting the lights back on when it’s dark, is perfect for indoors or shooting at dusk, allowing the eye to make better use of the available light and reducing glare

Lens Technology
• VIVX lenses exceed all world standards for optics
• ZEISS certified to be optical perfect
• Optical clarity double that of polycarbonate
• Enhanced high definition color enhancement
• Refined filtration for maximum visual experience
• Superior resolution in lens design
• Crystal clear lens – front and backside multi-layer anti-reflective coatings
• Full application of proprietary Hydro-Pel coatings

Archery Filtration
Direct Sun - 22ED
Medium Lighting - 42ED
Fog - 58HC
Low Light / Indoor - 78HC

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