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Product Description
Product Description
Bowhunting is all about the thrill of outsmarting that buck by getting him within your bow range. Whether your favorite way to hunt is to take the hunt to the buck or hunting a buck where he is going to be, the thrill is all about that very moment when it all comes together, up close and personal.
• One of my favorite hunting techniques, when the situation presents itself, is bringing a buck to the call. Because you never know when you will find just the right buck in just the right spot to bring it all together! Other times you have to pattern them and put yourself in the right place at the right time. No matter what you have to do to get a buck into bow range, that moment of TRUTH is what keeps us going back for more!
• On the TRUTH 10 we had lots of those special moments when it all came together. I for one enjoy reliving hunts on Video because it is such a great teacher. Enjoy!!
• 17 Hunts – 14 Bow, 3 Crossbow
• 2+ Hours

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