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Ramcat 125 Broadheads

SKU# 6280009

$39.99 (3-pack)

Item # 6280009

Catalog Page # 413

A broadhead that flies just like a field point.
Full Description
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$39.99 (3-pack)
Product Description
Product Description
• Concave scoop technology drafts wind over the blades which eliminates wind planning
• Back Cut technology ensures that if there is not a complete pass through the blades roll forward and continue cutting
• Blade over shaft technology offsets the blades from the broadhead body which creates a devastating vortex cut
• Firenock Aero Concentric technology eliminates any thread slop and guarantees that the broadhead is 100% concentric in the insert
• Ultra-short one piece of 416 stainless steel
• Weight: 125 gr.
• Cutting diameter: 1-1/2"
Weight 125 gr.
Cut Diameter 1-1/2"
Number of Blades 3 Blades
Blade Thickness .032"

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome reliable semi-mechanical broadhead Review by Rich

Love how these hunt, fly, and terminal performance.

Have shot 5 deer so far this year between 21 and 31 yards and all ran 15 to 180 yards. All great blood trails to follow in the dark. All pass through shots. One was through both shoulder blades and still came out with all three blades in tact (not reusable but still there) on the other side. Much more reliable for spot an stalk accidental deployment in comparison to a very popular mechanical I used last year ( I hunt elk in a dense swamp and had tons of accidental deployments on brush last year while walking. Only a couple this year with the ramcats).

Have toxics (love those too) and montec fixed blade broad heads. In comparison, the broad head shift was less than half of either of the other fixed blades at 40 yards. They fly so true to 80 yards which is more than far enough for me.

Also love that these remove so relatively easy from my block black. With the folding blade cutting on the way out, they come out relatively easy in comparison to even the montecs and certainly easier than the toxics (that destroys target butts)

Biggest negative would be that your arrows will need to be at least 1" longer than other broad heads if you trim your arrows tight to the rest. This is to avoid contact with the bow ledge or your fingers. Clocking the head is also recommended to avoid contact. You can sometimes get away with "nock on" lighted nocks to increase the length of your arrow enough.

Second negative is the reuse of the broad head. The center piece is usually fine. The blades are generally done after one shot so order replacement blades. I did take the best blades off of 3 used heads and used the best of those used blades to shoot another deer with no problem. Remember that the screws are reverse thread.

Third negative is that the 125 grain ramcats do not fit perfectly in my tight spot quiver so I did a really minor bit of adjustment to the quiver. The 100's should be fine.

All the little considerations are worth doing because of the performance of the broad head both in the air and terminally. Basically my new broad head for the immediate future. No more mechanicals for me.

Setup- Bowtech prodigy 70lb draw high performance setting. 518 grains of arrow at 285ft/s -victory VAP with SS insert - hand fletched with blazer vanes helical installation - 125 grain Ramcat - Nocturnal lighted nock. Black gold single pin sight. tight spot quiver. Carter RX1 release

(Posted on 11/8/16)

Best fix blades that I've tested Review by MIKE

Absolutely without a Doubt a great broadhead, I put these on a spin tester before I shot them with my arrows and they spun very true I shot 2 deer last year and had great results both pass through shots one didn't go 5 yards the other about 100 both great shots one that went 100 was slightly quartering away and went completely through the front shoulder both within 20 yards they do fly like feild points from my experience as long as your bow it properly tuned they will work flawless. I will continue to shoot them you'll be sorry if you don't try them hope this helps I take my stuff very serious I don't like to take chances on things I feel very confident in these broadheads, this is another company I've grown to love and you will too! Thx-God bless mike

(Posted on 8/8/16)

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