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Raven Prestige FX 25" Recurve Riser

SKU# 9000003

Regular Price: $199.99

Special Price: $129.99

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Item # 9000003

Offers the specs and value of a tournament level riser.
Full Description
This item is no longer available.

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Product Description
Product Description
• Constructed from CNC machined aluminum with an anodized finish
• Fully independent tiller, weight and alignment adjustment
• Includes wood grip for precise hand placement
• Accepts 6-32 clicker
• Material: Machined Aluminum
• Length: 25"

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Customer Reviews

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Quality anodized machined aluminum riser Review by Two Feathers

I originally intended to order the SF Forged Plus riser due to its glowing reviews and reputation, but ended up with a 25" Prestige FX because everyone apparently thought as I did and snatched up all the Forged Pluses before I could get my hands on one. Fortunately, I have thus far found no reason to regret my decision.

The Prestige is, to my knowledge, the lowest priced machined aluminum and anodized riser on the market - certainly the lowest priced one on Lancaster. As someone who is fairly concerned about durability, this was a huge draw. Research indicates this is a rebadged version of the mysteriously short-lived Samick Vision 2. No one seems to know why the Vision 2 died off, and decided to reincarnate itself as a "Raven" product but I have so far found no issues with the Prestige nor any reason to assume that it was due to an undisclosed design flaw as I previously feared.

This riser has all the various attachment points for stabilizers (upper, middle, and lower) and a sight, two threaded arrow rest/plunger mounting points, a clicker extender plate, etc. Fit and finish are excellent. My only minor complaint is that the lip around the grip screw is a tiny bit rough, but nothing a few seconds and a tiny bit of fine sandpaper can't take care of.

At a sub-$200, I can't see why this riser is not more popular. If you are looking for a quality mid-entry level riser, the Prestige definitely deserves some consideration.

(Posted on 3/14/14)

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