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Product Description
• Sleek design, perfect for beginner to intermediate archers
• Features ILF center alignment and weight/tiller adjustment
• Die-cast Aluminum construction
• Length: 25"
• Mass Weight:

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Very good riser for beginner Review by Alexander

Honestly it's not awesome, but for this price it's the best choice for beginner.
I bought mine in february and used to train with it 3-4 times a week. My riser came in white color. Due to the cheap paintwork it's already chipped and scratched in several places. But it looks in rather good condition.
I really liked the shape of the riser (it looks rather like W&W hi-end risers). From the distance it looks great.
There was also a thing I didn't like — the paint made the lock screws in limb pockets very stiff. It took much time to untighten them and adjusts limbs and tillers. The grip is made of cheap plastic and it becomes slippery from sweat. To avoid it you can wrap it with grip ribbon. But I've just made a new grip from apple wood. Looks fantastic and ideally fits my hand.

The bow with this riser shoots rather loud without dampeners and stabilizers. According to the description it's vacuum die-casted. So it must be very solid. I used rubber dampeners, limb savers, and carbon stabilizer set-up. The shooting became much more comfort and quiet.

So, it's a simple, cheap and rather good riser for the first 1-2 years I think. Enough time to decide if you will proceed training and need to buy something expensive

(Posted on 7/13/14)

Good, real good ... mostly. Review by ClevelandBill

My Avante (purchased in Jan 2014) came beautifully from Lancaster. A very good looking piece of hardware. It also comes with all the tapped holes you'd expect, and more. Came with several screws for a clicker, and a sight. So completely good as far as adding hardware on.

I had some trouble mounting the Axiom Plus limbs (I bought because of a low price for limbs I expect to grow through soon).

First, I got a limb stuck, and the solution was to dress up the ILF dovetail receiver fitting. The lock buttons were catching on a sharp edge, which I filed/sanded to a more correct profile.

Second, I could not get one limb bolt to properly secure a limb, because the locking screw underneath the limb bolt would not allow enough limb bolt travel. For this fix, I did something nobody should have to do: I bought the proper tap, and using a reamer from the back side of the bow, widened the hole, then tapped all the way through the riser. Definitely a warranty-expiring maneuver on my part, but I'm good with these things. After expanding the threaded hole for the limb bolt and its locking screw, I was able to properly set up the bow.

ASIDE from this problem ... the bow is BEAUTIFUL. It is well put together, the casting is very nice, and the bow feels good. So would I buy this again??? Certainly. Would I recommend it? Only if you're able to step away from good sense and modify an expensive piece of hardware! I'm a bit crazy, but my result was good.

Finally, Samick has absolutely no, I mean ZERO customer service. Their website appears to be hacked, there's nobody to respond to emails. You'll have to depend on Lancaster or your local archery experts. (I'd say your beloved local archery shop but there are very few of these that cater to the Olympic Recurve style archer).

Thanks, Lancaster, for other help, including recommending a string, and your excellent speedy shipment.

(Posted on 2/23/14)

Good Review by N*1

I liked, because is fast and is confortable

(Posted on 7/7/13)

good quality Review by john

i love it

(Posted on 6/3/13)

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