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Samick Little Fox 58" Takedown Bow



Item # BUNDLE3880164

Catalog Page # 26

Ideal economical, entry level takedown recurve bow.
Full Description
Product Description
Product Description
• Economical, entry level bow
• Riser: White Oak, Dymondwood, and Maple
• Limbs: Hard Maple and Black Fiberglass
• Phenolic reinforced limb tips
• Single tapered knob and metal limb pocket design
• Riser cut past center with crowned shelf
• Features plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver bushings
• AMO Length: 58"
• Recommended Brace Height: 6.5-7.5"

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Customer Reviews

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Good, no, Awesome! Review by Jeff

Regarding the bow itself - the riser is beautifully made and finished. The limbs fit nicely and are easy to attach. While it has mount points for the normal accessories (sight, stabilizer, plunger), I think it's a little silly because by the time you would invest in those, you would almost certainly spend more for a bow with better limb options. But maybe not... Guess we'll see.

I measured the draw weight for draw lengths up to 28". it seems they've rated the limbs at 26" for this bow. So the 15# bow requires 15# of force to draw it to 26". The draw weight follows a smooth curve typical of recurve bows. Rising a little faster at first, then straightening out to a steady 3/4 pounds per inch, and finally rising past 1 pound per inch around 28" as the limbs reach their limits.

The string included with mine had loose serving (the string wound around the main string to give it more body) at one end that started unraveling. I chalk that up to bad luck, as the rest of the serving on the string has been absolutely fine.

Regarding the reviewer stating this bow has little "firepower" - I think that's up to the purchaser. Limbs are available for this bow up to 29#, and the draw length of the user must be appropriate to the bow size. 29# is quite hefty for a bow this size, and is easily enough for targets at 30 or 40 yards.

I bought the 58" 15# for my 10-year old daughter. It's been a great starter bow, though she may soon grow out of it. While she could probably handle more draw weight, 15# is a very appropriate weight for target practice at 20 yards and learning proper form from her instructors.

Bottom line, skip the toy bows and get this. It's the real deal and is an amazing value considering the relatively small added expense over the sporting good store bows. While we're on the subject, skip the junk arrows from the Internet or sporting goods store and get some Easton Tributes. It makes a huge difference.

(Posted on 4/19/15)

Great beginner kids bow Review by Two Feathers

The Little Fox is a very nice beginner kids bow. Properly scaled down for kids. Well made, good looking little bow. Like with any Traditional Bow you will have to properly set the brace height and nock point to shoot properly. I got the 54" 25# for my 7 year old grandson . The poundage is set for a maximum draw length of 24" so at his 19'" draw he is pulling about almost 20#s. as he increases his draw, I'll replace with a Fast Flight string. He love it and will get several years out of this bow.

(Posted on 3/19/15)

Good, not awesome Review by Ralphy

The Little Fox is pretty good, but it has very little "firepower" and have to aim extensively upwards to hit a target.

(Posted on 7/1/13)

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