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Samick Polaris 62 Recreational Recurve Bow Package

SKU# 3880197


Item # 3880197

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Perfect for archers new to the sport.
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Product Description
Product Description
• Provides everything you need to get started in archery
• Ideal for individuals in the 11-15 to adult age group
• Package Includes:
62" Recurve Bow
Cartel Camper Sight
Saber Arrow Rest
No Gloves
Cartel Basic Recurve Bow Case
Cartel Bow Stringer
(3) Fiberglass 29” Arrows
(2) Maple Leaf FT-60 Target Faces

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Customer Reviews

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Do you feel lucky enough to risk it? Review by Fabio Barreto

I've recently purchased this kit for my daughter. She's been practicing for about 8 months, so this is the next bow for her learning curve. Upon arrival (which occurred in time and as promised by Lancaster). Here's the review and how I've scored the product:

- Packaging: the delivery box fit everything in there, so that was practical. Arrows seemed ok (for what they are, really; full length, dull points, by the way; nocks are a bit bulky and they hold pretty tight). The rest of the kit comes inside the fabric case.

- Case: at first, seemed interesting, but when you open up you realize the material is very simple, there are only TWO pockets (long ones, that run along the side of the case), no zippers of any kind and won't fit the arrows (the pockets face the ending position of the external zipper, so if you want to let one of the extremities out, you can't 'cause your case won't close. We've managed to place secure the limbs in there, plus the other accessories from the package.
I know, this is not, by any chance, supposed to be a high quality archery backpack, HOWEVER, it should, at least, accommodate it's own contents, right?
There's no compartment for the riser, which we still keep wrapped in the bubblewraper it came in, not to risk damaging it from movement. Once everything is in, it's easy to carry around.

- Riser: solid, pretty, nice birch-like color. Fixed sight support (although you can adjust it if you have the proper tools). The screws for the limbs ARE the big drawback on the unit I got. This set is aimed at beginner level, youth archers, so it should be, at least, user friendly during assembly. I'm a fully grown, bearded and big bellied adult, and it gave me the runaround. The screws would not screw down all the day in order to secure the limbs and, when they eventually gave in, my fingers were red, painful and sensitive, and remained as such for a couple of hours. I had to put a lot of force when screwing them in. My wife could never do that and she's assisting our daughter in some of her training sessions. My daughter couldn't even make it move. So, that was really frustrating.
I thought I could've been a matter of the holes and the screws being new and, with more runs, it would ease the process. Nope. It continued like that and, I dare say it even got worse, because them my fingers were on the verge of getting really hurt from the strength applied against the texture on the round knobs.
Over the next couple of days, and training sessions, I've tried WD40 and Graffiti dust to facilitate the process, to no avail. The lower screw improved a bit, but the top keeps requiring a sheer amount of strength and commitment before it locks.
It might have been just my unit, yes. However, it doesn't change the fact that putting this simple bow together is not enjoyable, nor something I look for. I'm even considering returning it for this sole fact.

- Accessories

Quiver: it's a joke. Full length arrows won't fit and fall almost immediately. Made of the same plastic fiber the external case is made of. Very poor quality, hardly an asset to the kit.

Armguard: made of the same material, features two velcro braceletes in the extremities (for fixing it to the arm) and the guard itself is nothing but a strap of reinforced the same material. It offers almost no protection. it's like that old RPG character you had, when he first jumped into the maze, with +1 armor, which is not enough to defeat the closest sewer rat. I didn't even allow my daughter to try it. Useless.

Cartel Camper Sight: when you squeeze the screw to lock it in place, due to week materials and construction, the sight bends and tilts a bit. it affects the shot. Again, I know it's a simple set up, BUT it fails in its basic function.

String: works fine for beginner level. It features two aides for finger placement. You can basically cut them off, after all, it's a nuisance when you own a finger tab.

String Placement/Removal Aid: works well.

Arrow Rest: does the job, no complains.

Target Faces: standart issued.

- Limbs: fine. White/Pearl finish, Polaris logo on bottom limb, Samick on top. Responded well to shooting regime. I've tested about 10 + warm up ends with it.

- Shooting: strong composition (20" lb), handles well, doesn't get in your way, ideal for the intended level.

Offers one stabilizer socket in the front.

Overall: the bow itself gets the job done and shoots as expected, but due to low standards on the design and build (especially the Limb Screws), it affects the whole mindset of Archery, after all, you will get very mad, and sore, even before shooting your first arrow. The price seems fair before you actually open the package. Most of the accessories are useless and hardly justify the extra money you put into it, if compared to purchasing the stand-alone bow. It makes me doubt Samick's delivery from this point on. I may have had bad luck, but are you lucky enough to risk it? Roll the dice and find out!

Hope this helps!
Happy Shots, everyone! =D

(Posted on 12/8/16)

Do it. Just do it. Review by Candy Nguyen

I know nothing about archery aside from the basics, and if you're a beginner like me--you'll like it. Assembly is straightforward but you need to go to youtube for it + stringing/unstringing, etc, it's all good. No instruction manual. Customs fee (I reside in Canada - for $35).

(Posted on 5/28/16)

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