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Samick Stingray 58" Recurve Bow

SKU# 3880048

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Item # 3880048

Catalog Page # 37

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Product Description
• BOW LENGTH : 58"
• DRAW WEIGHT : 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60#
• BRACE HEIGHT: 7" 1/16 - 8" 1/4"

Customer Reviews

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surprising bow for the price Review by thunderchicken

I bought this bow a few months ago, and must say for 2 bills and change, a great bow for the price. It is smooth, pretty quick, and hits pretty much where i point it. About the only thing I'm not particularly fond of is the nock ends weren't finished all that well. It was also pretty loud at first, but a bit of tuning and some cat whiskers quieted it right out.

(Posted on 6/27/14)

55Lb Stingray Review by Steve

I purchased my Stingray 2+ years ago. It is 55lbs@28". I shoot it very frequently, minimum of 3 times per week and have shot thousands of arrows from it and have taken one mule deer buck. It has held up very well and it is my goto bow. No problems with it. The forward riser makes it very forgiving and it is very accurate. I have owned many custom high dollar bows and this one shoots with all of them. It is smooth at my draw--28" and very fast: 195fps-carbons 440 grains total arrow weight. I'm very satisfied with this bow.

(Posted on 12/3/12)

Great Idea with above average chance of catastrophic failure. Review by Bill

I purchased a 55-pound Stingray as did a good friend of mine. Both of these bows failed catastrophiocally. After studying these two failures I sent information to both Samick and Lancaster with possible explanations as to the cause of these two failures. Samick chose never to respond to either of my correspondences. Lancaster assured me they would relay the analysis and get back to me after talking with Samick. I never received a response from Lancaster. If my analysis is correct, the potential for catastrophic limb and riser failure in this bow is directly proportional to increases in both draw weight and the draw length of the shooter. My friend decided not to have his bow replaced by another Stingray. I chose to have my bow replaced with another Stingray; however, I chose to have the draw weight of the replacement reduced to 45 pounds to reduce the chance of failure. The Stingray is a very well designed both for pure instinctive shooting and it has very good cast. I only wish that Samick would change the riser wood to a more tight-grained wood than the very pretty zebra-wood now being used. The two stress failures I observed both propagated when at grain boundaries at the ends of the risers where the zebra-wood is very thin by design. The quality of manufacture is actually very well. I would suggest that the troublesome issue that occurred for my friend and I will occur with others, but believe it or not, I would still recommend this bow for people who have draw lengths of 26 inches or less, or shoot draw weights of 45 pounds or less.

(Posted on 7/11/12)

excellent Review by gunsmoke

I have been looking at this bow for a while and finally decided to try it. Man am i glad i did this is one sweet shooting bow well worth the price

(Posted on 3/16/12)

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