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Samick Vision 25" Recurve Riser

SKU# 3880146


Item # 3880146

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Product Description
Product Description

• Forged & CNC machined 25î ILF riser
• 6061 aircraft aluminum
• Adjusts for weight, tiller & alignment
• 2.84 Lbs. Mass weight
• Available RH and LH
• Available colors: blue, red, black, silver
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Customer Reviews

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Good enough if you don't have money to burn Review by MacSuibhne

Have owned one of these for about a year at this stage and the longer I've got it the more gripes I'm getting with it. Now don't get me wrong, this is a pretty solid riser. It ticks all the boxes for a not-so-flush right handed archer. You've got your tillering adjustment, and lateral adjusments for centering less than straight limbs or sorting out receiving a less than straight riser, not to mention just for the sake of sorting centre shot.

It does start to fall down in a few areas however. Looks a lot like a particular hoyt bow but you'd be better taking the hoyt version if you can find it. This doesn't have the bushing on the belly side to put your v-bar or just some weights or dampening between the riser and your string.
The centering adjustment is inferior to the hoyts but it is usuable (not as bad as those that use eccentric bolts to center the limbs but nowhere near as good as it looks)
The tillering ajustment lacks scope of movement (no +- 5% here, at least not with the limbs I've used on it. More like bolts in is marked weight and bolts out is -8%) and the limb butts will be seating in a rather deflex way (less poundage again).
Some folks will like the soft feel that combines to give, I don't.
The grip is awful. Unusable for a target grip really. Very flat very wide. You'll be modfying it as soon as you get it.

On the plus side however, two berger holes for a plunger and wrap around rest if you want one. 2 clicker mounting positions, a clicker extension plate included. Weight is a good intermediate weight though I always add more. Standard stabiliser mount below the grip and one at each end for upstabilsers and dampers (or in my case big bits of steel which it hasn't blinked an eye at yet). Any sight using standard threads will mount nicely though the length of the bolts you use mightn't be quite right (i've noticed that some sights supply bolts too long for this riser. Hacksaw on the bolts fixes that.)

All in all if you need an ILF riser, that's 25 inches and has the necessary adjustments but you haven't got money to buy something high end this'll do a good job. Just keep in mind that your limb weights might not turn out as you expect/desire and that you'll have a bit of a time trying to set it up especially when it comes to centering and that nasty nasty grip.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

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