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Scent Master Storage Box

SKU# 9280002


Item # 9280002

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The SCENTsible Solution.
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Product Description
Product Description
The unique design of ScentMaster allows you to place a special, activated charcoal filter over the air outlets in the bottom of the box and in the scent basket, and continuously re-circulate the air via the powerful motor which moves the air at 110 cubic feet per minute, adsorbing all unwanted odors from your clothing. In addition, once your clothing has been cleaned of unwanted scents, you can easily remove the charcoal filters, and place a scent wick with your favorite scent or a scent bag with you own secret cover scent, in the scent basket, and thoroughly impregnate your clothing with a cover scent. By applying your cover scents in this fashion, every fiber of your clothing will be scent-treated allowing your cover scents to last longer, and work more effectively as the day progresses or the weather (and you) heat up. No more hanging your clothes outside or using your family's dryer to dry your pant legs after a morning hunt!
• Dimensions: 29" x 18.5" x 19.5"

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