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An excellent barebow riser Review by Gino

Like it or not, the Spigarelli barebow riser is probably the only dedicated one you will find from an american retailer. Thankfully, it is an excellent riser.

It is fully adjustable for tiller, and limb alignment, and has the usual limited draw weight adjustment. It has mounting points for both a clicker and stabilizer, and limb dampener/weight points near the (ILF) limb pockets, and of course the two giant cavities in the riser, below the grip. Fit and finish is excellent, although I wish the coloring was anodized, and not powder coated.

The riser comes with the Spigarelli Zero Tolerance rest, which is an excellent magnetic rest (although the screw that mounts the clicker is a little short, so you might want to replace it). It also comes with a single internal weight. If you want two, you'll have to pay extra for the second weight. It does NOT come with the clicker, as pictured. If you are shooting FITA, no problem. If you are shooting NFAA, then that is an extra. The thread size for the clicker is M4 (6-32 will not fit).

This leads me to my first gripe about the riser. It is a mix of metric and SAE screws and such. You can deal with it, but should you have to?

My only real gripe has to do with the grip. It is wood, it appears to be slightly unfinished, and it pinches at the top of my hand behind the web between my thumb and index finger. The only replacement I have found for it is Jaeger Archery's Best 2.0 grip. Thankfully, I love that grip.

All in all, I am in love with this riser. Now I just have to learn how to shoot barebow well!

(Posted on 3/15/14)

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