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Spigarelli Spiga Tab BB+ Barebow Tab

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Item # 4090055

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A new way of shooting.
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Product Description
Product Description
This is a super tab for the barebow archer concerned about finger positioning. The three elastic loops and the unique finger spacer allow for a consistent string hook each and every time.

• Features three elastic straps for the maximum grip on the shot
• Anodized aluminum plate for maximum precision
• Etched markings for precise string walking marks
• Plate is assembled with stainless screws
• Adjustable spacer to ensure the same depth of the grip to each arrow
• Back felt in alcantara, cordovan front leather
• Size: Medium only
• Ambidextrous for right and left hand shooters
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Customer Reviews

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Very nice trad tab. Review by James Norwood

I have been using other tabs like Yost (which I love btw) to shoot Olympic barebow recurve. There are some difference in the Spigarelli Tab that I find to be superior to the Yost tab, which I will cover below.

The plate is Aluminum as advertised and is nice quality.
The thing I really like about the plate on this tab is the shape. It is more ergonomically shaped and fits my palm line nicely without 'digging in' and hurting shot after shot.

String Crawling Marks:
The string crawling tick marks are the same color as the plate though, so that they are harder to see, especially in low light conditions, compared to the Yost plate which have nicely visible tick marks. One could easily apply a bit of colored paint to each tick mark on this tab to fix that situation if desired.

A unique feature to this tab is the finger spacer post that keeps the tab located vertically 'exactly' in the same place shot to shot. When you are shooting competitive target barebow, having the tab side up/down vertically in your hand shot to shot can mean an inch or more off center from previous shots down range. I love the space on this tab as it keeps the tab in the same spot for me on every shot!

Finger Loop:
So this one is a biggy! On my Yost tab, there is one finger loop only that fit over the middle finger with a slidding plastic spring stopper. The problem with this is two things:
1. The stopper keeps coming loose during shooting so that the only way to fix it is put metal nocking loops on the string to hold it in place, which you then lose any adjustability with that.
2. When shooting many arrows, the single string on the Yost tab rubs the skin clean off my finger and I develop bloody sores and end up wearing a bandaid or a glove to compensate.

The Spigarelli tab has THREE loops for each finger using a very soft, flat elastic band that is very comfortable and does take my skin off after a hundred arrows.

The leather is as advertised and is top quality Cordovan, same with Yost. Leather is great on any of these tabs.

The problem I'm having with this Spigarelli tab is that I could not but the tab in Large size on Lancaster site - they only have Medium. Also, I see nowhere to order any larger size or replacement tab leather for this tab, whereas for Yost tab, you can order replacements easily, including directly from the Yost site.

Overall, this is a great barebow tab. I like it very much. Besides it goes nicely with my Spigarelli barebow riser! ;P

(Posted on 7/16/18)

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