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T-Bird Modular Arrow Saw with Dust Collector

SKU# 3670029


Item # 3670029

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Easy to stow - easy to go!
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T-Bird Archery
Product Description
Product Description
• Designed for compact storage
• Assembles quickly to a full 36" length
• Totally mobile so you can take it anywhere
• Fully adjustable to cut different length shafts
• Cuts all types of shafts including wood, aluminum, and carbon
• 110V heavy-duty 8000 RPM electric motor
• Includes dust collector to keep your work area clean and arrow dust free
• Includes case to keep pieces organized
• Unit assembles in minutes

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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Home (or even Shop) Arrow Saw) Review by David Beauchesne

Up front I want to say that one of the posts for the wheel cover popped off at some point. The post is just peened to the backing cover. I don't hold T-Bird responsible. stuff can get jostled pretty hard in shipping. We can argue about how T-Bird could pack it a bit better, or how freight companies, FedEx and UPS could be a little more careful. But for all I know one of my kids dropped the box 15 times while bringing it in the house. A little JB Weld and it's good as new.

That out of the way. I love this saw. For home use it's kind of an all in one. It's modular, if you want it that way, and can be ported around. Or, if you want, mount it to a board. I mounted it a nice piece of oak that I rounded and stained. Made sure I screwed the base plates in a straight line. It has an integrated arrow spinner, and has the deburring tool for after the cut (was actually surprised at how well that worked.

OK, so it does not have a ruler. But considering the comments on some of the other saws about the quality of the ruler, and having to set it up manually. I'd rather make my own. On the same board I mounted a drafting quality 36" metal straightedge and used a #40 nail to slide the nock onto. I like marking with that and then sliding the nock stop so that the wheel cuts off all the tape (remove tape before cutting) I like this system better.

The motor seems to have more than enough power. Watch the video and set up the saw correctly!!! It's barely slowed down on any of the carbon, aluminum, or Carbon/Aluminum hybrid shafts I cut.

For the money, the quality and repeatability of the arrow cuts you can make with the saw is on par with any other saw. Very happy with the purchase and recommend to just about anyone looking to make their own arrows at home.

(Posted on 6/25/19)

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