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TenPoint SteddyEddy Monopod System

SKU# 2530002


Item # 2530002

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The perfect high-performance fixed-blade design.
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Product Description
Product Description
• Ensures motion-free shooting while seated in a tree stand or ground blind, or while standing with the shooting stick supported against the mid-section of your body
• Made of hard-tempered alloy aluminum
• Two-sections, easily set the length with a quick turn of the extension pole
• Attaches directly to your crossbow using a 360 degree maneuverable rapid-pivot tube equipped with a snap-on connection
• Clamps conveniently under the stock when not in use
• Comes standard with a cushioned hand grip, an all-terrain carbide tip that grips rock and ice, and a removable rubber support ball that grips solid surfaces and cushions the system when supported against your body
• Includes two model-specific rod retention clips

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