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Uukha Ex1 Carbon Recurve Limbs

SKU# 8600004

Designed for beginning competition archers who wish to progress.

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Item # 8600004

Catalog Page # 23

Regular Price: $399.99

Special Price: $279.99

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Product Description
• Constructed of epoxy impregnated carbon reinforcements, molded at a high pressure and high temperature
• Monolithic composition whose mechanical properties are far higher than those of traditional laminates
• Completely insensitive to weather variations
• Optimizes stability and removes vibration
• Guarantees perfectly straight limbs; will not twist
• Material: Aramide, glass, and 25% carbon fiber
• ILF compatiable

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Great limbs Review by Sosius

Let me preface this by saying that these were my first "premium" limbs. I had previously shot Samick Polaris limbs, then stepped up to an ILF riser with SF Premium Carbon limbs. I decided to pull the trigger on the Uukhas, and I have note been disappointed at all. While they are pricy, the performance is really impressive: draw seems smoother; release is zippy and quieter; and there is much less vibration. In fact, I was developing pains in my bow elbow each time I shot with my previous limbs. This has all but vanished since switching to the Uukhas,

(Posted on 5/6/14)

Awesome Review by John

really great, little loud but just add limbsavers. groups tightened so much after one day of tuning. look cool too.

(Posted on 9/29/13)

Best Limbs for the money Review by N00b

I was contemplating dropping money on some high end limbs but thought I'd try these first to see if these will do the and I am happy to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised as to how smooth these limbs actually are. I had my limbs cranked down to 40lbs and it felt like I was pulling around 36lbs. I have shot W&W and Samick limbs but I really like these over the other high end limbs. These limbs are smooth and possibly the best limbs for the money out there.

(Posted on 9/28/13)

Hoyt Fan has second thoughts Review by Ryan

Thanks to the brand loyalty I developed while shooting compound bows I've almost always shot Hoyt recurve products but I decided to expand my horizons and give the Uukha EX1 limbs a try... and they not disappoint in the least!

I'm currently shooting a pair of 30# medium limbs on a Hoyt Aerotec riser with a 14 strand string at a brace height of 8.6 inches. By far and above this is the most comfortable and on average (when my body cooperates) the most accurate, set up I have ever used.

Looking at the matter from every perspective I'm not really sure I can find any substantial faults with the limbs. They do seem more sensitive to brace height than any other setup I've tried but this is a marginal difference, once you find the sweet spot you're golden.

(Posted on 6/4/13)

Outstanding Limbs Review by John

I decided to try these limbs out and see what Uukha limbs are all about. I selected the mid price range model because the top dollar ones were too expensive for an 'experiment'.

I am thrilled with these limbs. I have shot and have many top end limbs by Hoyt and Win&Win but these Uukhas are now my favorite. They don't stack at full draw, are extremely smooth and very rigid against twisting.

They also don't change with temperature. When shooting outdoor I never have to adjust for temperature changes when the sun beats on them. Also, if I bring them in from a cold car and shoot in warm indoors they are dead on from the first shot and nothing changes as they warm up.

I don't know how the expensive Uukhas could be a ny better but I am up to give them a try now.

The one negative is the limb socks. They are okay for shipping but you should definitely add another 12 dollars into the purchase price to get a set of good socks... although, these uukhas are very scratch resistant. Even if they do get a mild scratch, they are not shiny limbs so they are cosmetically fine and you won't even notice it.

(Posted on 4/8/13)

Uukha EX1, best limbs for all skill level Review by vtnam007

Took a chance and bought these for indoor shooting. I've read they were the most stable limbs out there. Couldn't be more happier. They snap like a whip when release and do not stack at full draw!!! I bought 38lb long, and when compared to my SF ultimate pro 42lb long or W&W RCX-100 40lb long. These produce a faster arrow speed and give me a bigger sight window, go figure. Now I shoot these at 70m breeze. I don't like the limb sleeves, they are cheap looking socks but who cares when these limbs are that good. Other club members already want to buy these off me when I upgrade but I'm keeping these.

(Posted on 1/16/13)

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